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Wed, Dec. 11

Letter | Shame on the Kingman City Council

I have lived here all my life and never once felt ashamed of the City Council ....... until now.

The current City Council appears to be in the category of “Sore - Winners”! They filed court proceedings to take control of the Kingman Airport, and THEY WON. Now they have filed a civil suit naming several people, and alleging some sort of wrong doing. It seems they are upset because the KAA board defended themselves against the action filed by the City.

So the City pays (with taxpayer money) a private attorney to file and adjudicate the proceedings. The KAA board defends itself, (with taxpayer money), and the City wins. Now that private attorney is being paid by the City (with taxpayer money) to file this recent civil action. He’s an attorney, of course there will always be further action to be filed, as long as there is (taxpayer money) billable hours.

They are also paying (taxpayer money) to have a forensic audit done on the KAA books. Look that up and see what it costs.

Now the total travesty is this: The KAA board prepaid their attorney fees in the original action. When the City won, they took over all the assets of the KAA. That includes what was remaining on the prepaid attorney fees. So now the City is filing another suit, and basically paying for both sides, (with taxpayer money), they are fighting themselves.

I don’t know all the people the City claims did something wrong. But I do know Krystal Burge, Janet Watson and Vearl Haynes. These people are beyond reproach. To accuse them of wrongdoing when they were volunteering to try and make our community better is just wrong. Look them up, see for yourself what they have done collectively for Kingman and Mohave County.

Travis Lingenfelter should be ashamed of himself. And more than that, the rest of the Council that he has bullied into believing the manure he spreads.

Steve Auld Kingman

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