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Rants & Raves | July 8, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

We need to be known for something: Come to Kingman for the almonds and bring your own water!

Dog dumping at our shelter: It takes little in excuses to justify dumping your dog. Those with character always find a way to KEEP the animal. Dogs are not only yours when things are good. Shame, shame.

Letter | Liberals don’t actually care: Becky, I totally agree with you, someone needs to pray for help with Trump, but I think is way too late for this man to understand wisdom.

Letter | Liberals don’t actually care: Becky Myers should check facts before regurgitating propaganda. Most of these refugee families are exactly what they seem – poor, destitute, human beings. Liberals stand up for human and civil rights, even for folks without compassion, like her.

Letter | Liberals don’t actually care: If you say you are a Christian, you have to ACT like a Christian. Do unto others as you would have others do to you. Why are your right-wingers so bitter?

Letter | Liberals don’t actually care: What a twisted mind Becky has. First of all she is arguing apples and oranges. Second of all most of her statements are not true. Thirdly, abortion is still legal so mind your own business.

Virginia Statler death notice: Virginia was a wonderful Lady! I will never forget her beautiful red hair, the twinkle in her eyes and heart warming smile. Peace to you on your next journey.

Immigrant children: At least one of the immigrant children has been raped. Some are being trafficked. Have you “conservatives” noted the cost and who benefits from that? Study the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You don’t understand them.

Letter | Liberals don’t actually care: Becky is spot on. It is encouraging to know prayer takes place in the White House daily as it does in my house also. The Bible admonishes us to pray for our leaders.

Letter | Havasu exclusion: Simply put, primary season equals partisan debates. Political neophytes often find themselves bumping along, learning as they go. Ignorance and the strong rhetorical stereotyping in this letter lead me to dismiss the idea that anyone was purposely misled.

Column | Civic Discourse: Donald Trump can add the title of “bully-in-chief” to his claimed accomplishments. He has been calling people names, belittling people, lying about people, and threating people since his campaign. Is it any wonder that people have started to fight back?

Community View | City of Kingman water department: I have been charged a late fee when I was one day late paying my bill. I have never been treated like this by Unisource or Frontier. We pay heavily for water and sewage, shame on you city of Kingman!

Missing boys in Thai cave found: My brother and wife often lived in Thailand. How wonderful all have pitched in. Prayers that the coach, every boy and every volunteer come out safe and sound. Prayer changes things. Please join me.

Soon to be opening in Kingman: Perkins restaurant? Who in their right mind wants a Perkins here? We have many family places to eat at. How about an Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Applebee’s? Chili’s appears to be surviving. Won’t mention Red Lobster as we can’t qualify.

March to Keep Families together: Will people who attended face job loss as it has happened before for those attending political events that don’t mirror the Republican mindset in this community?

United Pentecostal to First Pentecostal: I’ve heard it all. Give us your tithe and we will give you a Walmart card for coming to our church.

Arizona mother charged after children found in filthy home: Legal American children were removed from a dirty home where they lived with their mother. How clean and safe are the areas where illegal immigrant children are found? Would anybody care if it was CPS instead of ICE?

Letter | Biblical warnings: Again Ralph, you are right on the money. When will America get back to setting the example for the rest of the world?

Miner Editorial | Alternatives to jail a welcome sight for Kingman, Mohave County: The Daily Miner says we’re “Leading the way.” Just remember that the leader is the first off a cliff. Bureaucracies with unlimited resources are not known for self regulation and I fear that soon there will be a growing workforce.

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