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Wed, Jan. 22

Letter | Re: Liberals don’t actually care, Part II

I'm responding to Becky Myers' July 5 letter titled "Liberals don't actually care, just trying to fulfill agenda.”

She makes the completely unsubstantiated claim that "The majority of these kids being taken away from their parents don't actually belong to these adults,” and refers to them as "kidnappers." As far as I'm aware, no effort has been made to perform DNA or other testing that would support this baseless accusation. However, it makes a convenient (although less than believable) excuse to severely traumatize thousands of children. In the vast majority of cases the only provable "kidnapping" that has taken place is by the Trump administration.

Secondly, many of these asylum-seekers presented themselves at legal ports of entry, but were informed it would take days (if then) before they might be processed. Meanwhile, the Mexican government basically forced them over the border with threats of prison or immediate deportation back to the deadly conditions they've managed to escape. When they presented themselves to immigration authorities on the U.S. side of the border they were labeled "criminals,” arrested, and deprived of their children.

Finally, Meyers needs to educate herself as to the difference between a "baby" and a "fetus.” Nearly 99 percent of abortions are performed during the first trimester of pregnancy – a period during which the entire legitimate medical community worldwide has determined the fetus has no ability to experience pain or awareness.

Believing that women should not be forced against their will to give up control of their own bodies and their right to live in the world on an equal footing with men for the sake of an organism that is no more "human" than a fertilized egg doesn't negate Democrats concern for actual feeling, thinking children. Republicans would do well to spend less time trying to force more children into existence, and more time caring about the well-being of the children who are already here.

Aleeta Stamn


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