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Thu, Aug. 22

Letter | Customer service at England Towing

I wanted to share this with all of you. I’m proud of him and I think if more of the people in the world were able to be proud of their work and the company they work for like he is, then this would all be a better world.

I’d like to thank the gentleman who took the time out to acknowledge him for this. Thank you.

Lynne Fassler


“Dear England Towing,

On, June 3, myself and four other gentleman were driving back from Las Vegas when our radiator burst on my Toyota Sequoia about 30 miles north of Kingman. You dispatched a gentleman by the name of “Shortbus” to come and rescue us. He called us back immediately after we called in and let us know he was on the way. He called two more times and kept us updated on his progress as he headed in our direction. He brought out bottled water as it was a jillion degrees out there. He was very careful and did a great job of loading and securing our vehicle. He provided a lively and entertaining dialog on the trip back to town. He took us directly to the U-haul place that was open and had offered to take us to a repair shop, hotel or whatever we needed. He was very careful unloading the vehicle and even offered to assist in loading it on the U-Haul trailer, if necessary. He wished us luck and was on his way.

I have been in the airline business in the customer service division for over 25 years, and therefore understand customer service, especially to people who are stressed out and pissed off. To be blunt, if you can imagine how pissed off we all were, stuck in the desert almost 500 miles away from home with the uncertainty of a vehicle that could have been ruined by overheating and then to have your driver, making us laugh, easing our anxiety and actually appearing to care about our plight. It was a godsend. I sure hope you understand you have something special in this gentleman. From my experience, I have learned that you cannot train someone to provide this kind of service. His expertise and knack for human compassion comes from deep within him. He has a gift.

I hope you are aware of the gem that you have and take good care of him, as he is taking good care of your customers and hence your business. We all wish him and your firm the very best of luck and prosperity. Thank you most graciously for the helping hand.

Most Sincerely,

Mike Lewis C.M.”

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