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Rants and Raves | July 15, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | History of both major parties: Ralph. Thank you for valid insight. If only the public would pay attention to what is going on NOW! Oh, never mind, that won’t happen.

Mosley speeding: This guy is supposed to be a state lawmaker but obviously has no regard for the him out of office!

Detaining immigrant kids is now a billion-dollar industry: Republicans rail against government spending. Trump’s added $1,000,000,000,000 to deficit. Now detention of children is a big business. Republicans like government programs in which they can make money. Bush’s brother’s education business with George W’s No Child Left Behind.

Candidates want wall: Is the reason Rep. Mosley didn’t attend was being concerned about endangering people with his excessive speeding in his Lexus? Or was it that he wants to lay low until the controversy blows over praying it does so before election.

Build the Wall Rep Candidates: What Biasiucci doesn’t get is immigration quotas favor European immigration. We live in the Western Hemisphere – immigration quotes should allow more immigration from our sphere than Eastern Hemisphere. But we know why that isn’t the case don’t we, Trumpers?

On-street parking: I am in total agreement to not allow parking on streets of RVs of any is annoying to dodge the cars as you drive up your street. It also prevents the street sweepers from sweeping in the mornings.

Letter | On long live President Trump by Will Durst: Please keep the Will Durst column. He is a breath of fresh air in a fascist atmosphere.

On-street parking: I have had people park behind my driveway blocking my vehicle in the driveway. Many people park across the street right behind my driveway they have about 100 feet of parking space yet they choose to block my exit.

NACFD appoints John Bryant: How old is this guy? There is no one younger who can actually lend a hand in a fire fight if needed to give the job to?

A place to lay their heads: Why is it that people continue to have children they cannot afford? If you can’t buy your child a bed you shouldn’t have a child. It’s time for people to start living with the consequences of their own actions.

Letter | What is stealing: Gerald the children that you are so dead set against educating are the same people who will be pushing the buttons for your medical care in a few years. Teachers deserve a living salary, they are forming future adults.

A haboob hits Kingman: It’s called a dust storm in English not a “haboob.” You are in America, speak English.

Car Stuck in monsoon floodwaters on Stockton: Good story and photo.

Two children died after being in car all day alone: I believe her! Why would she park her car in the driveway of family members? She had to go to work, she asked someone in that home to take care of the children and that person did not do that!

Letter | Shame on the Kingman City Council: Steve Auld’s letter to the editor was spot on! Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Thanks for printing it.

Kingman arch: It’s an attractive enough arch, but I sure don’t see $170K. That money could have been used to hire more traffic cops to monitor the streets around here. Kingman consistently displays some of the worst drivers I’ve ever encountered.

Letter | On long live President Trump by Will Durst: Hillary Clinton was not indicted for 14 felonies because they were not real! If they had anything real on her she would have been charged. What a revelation! Some people believe anything they are told without FACTS. DUH.

City council sues KAA: I don’t get it. The city won. What more to they want? Oh yeah. Blood. At OUR expense!

Joyride leads to fiery crash: At what point did the parents think they should call the police? I don’t get is like chasing a dog. Boys are lucky that they weren’t killed. I sure hope the courts delay their right to a driver license!

Letter | Shame on the Kingman City Council: Apparently, the “manure” that Mr. Auld claims Councilman Lingenfelter is spreading is legally sound according to Judge Steve Moss. Mr. Auld needs to fully understanding the issues before attacking our councilman.

Kingman Photo | Love is in the Air: Loved the little toad story. Every living creature deserves to find love in their life time. Hope someone will turn him on to on-line toad dating.

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