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Thu, April 25

Letter | Polarizing rhetoric encourages divisiveness

The July 9 response to Danny Baker’s letter to the editor submitted under the name “Sam Wise” (an unregistered voter in Mohave County), is exactly the kind of divisive political rhetoric that is polarizing the parties and dividing our community. It’s pure political rhetoric with absolutely NO basis in fact.

“Sam Wise” claims that Mary McCord Robinson and I were not invited to the “Meet your legislative candidates” public event in Lake Havasu City “given the state of the rabid violence the left has been demonstrating against many republicans lately.” This is just grossly obscene political rhetoric.

What “rabid violence” has been perpetuated against any Republican in Mohave County? Or even in the state of Arizona? None! I know people hear about this supposed violence on cable news day in and day out, but they need to check that rhetoric with the reality around them.

This polarizing political rhetoric needs to stop! We have serious problems that need to be addressed in our district, and it’s going to take everyone working together. Water sustainability, public school funding, access to quality health care are issues that affect everyone equally, regardless of party affiliation.

Mary and I weren’t invited to speak simply because it was a “Meet the Candidates WE WANT YOU TO MEET” event. And the Republicans are so accustomed to being the only candidates on the table, they don’t even consider that they need to insert “Republican” into their advertisements. End of reality check.

“Sam Wise” also implies that my presence at an open public event as a Democrat constitutes a threat of violence and drama, which is another reprehensible misrepresentation of reality. For the record, I frequently attend open public Republican candidate events, with no “drama” or “rabid violence.” It’s how I become an informed voter because I genuinely believe it is much more dangerous to vote blindly for people we know nothing about (i.e., “vote the party”) than to not even vote at all.

So I encourage Democrats to get out and listen to what the Republican candidates have to say. And I encourage Republicans to get out and listen to what the Democrat candidates have to say. Step outside of these false realities created by divisive political rhetoric and find out what you think about the candidates for yourself.

Because listening to ALL candidates is how we make informed choices when we cast our precious votes.

J’aime Morgaine

Kingman Resident

LD5 Senate Candidate


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