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Sat, Dec. 07

Letter | There's been an inch-by-inch move toward communism

As a result of decades of brainwashing and indoctrination from the media and the federal Department of Education, never again will we see any form of America being united. This is now a split and divided country. Period.

The fact is, the basic standard of belief, values, common ideas and general common sense has been compromised beyond repair. The evil transformation has taken place and is cemented in about 40 percent of the country, and growing.

This did NOT happen, nor did it take place by accident. It has been planned and carried out in an intentional manner, “slow but sure,” inch by inch, over many decades, for the sole purpose of dividing this country and teaching socialism with the ultimate goal of achieving full scale communism. The fact that this has now developed into a full scale transition was all planned based on the time of expected length of indoctrination and brainwashing and knowing about when the older generation of American patriots would be fading out toward the end of their life cycle. The dumbing down of America has taken place!

I could see this happening and taking place over the last several years. When you see the mass of control due to the news media and the federal Department of Education (which began in 1979) under Democrat president Carter of the younger generation being exposed to lies, hate, LGBT, abortion, removal of prayer and religion, transgender propaganda and gun control, along with the idea of destroying patriotism, etc. taking place, it isn’t real difficult to see what’s happening.

Believe it or not, one of the very first steps in this process was the 17th amendment back in 1913 where the idea of having public votes on state senators rather than being appointed by individual state legislatures came to be. This became the road to mass democracy rather than our intended republic by our founders. Now for several years we are hearing about the “idea and so called” need for abolishing the (electoral college).

The very basis and core of our intended republic was, and is, based on state appointed senators and the electoral college.

Part of that has “already been destroyed” by the 17th amendment and next up is to abolish the electoral college folks.

Don Heck

Local resident

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