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Mon, June 17

Letter | Poisoning animals

I am writing this as a concerned citizen and also as a victim of crimes in our area.

I moved to Golden Valley four years ago hoping to start a trail riding business. I have been under constant attack since the day we arrived. My animals, horses and dogs have been poisoned, shot and scared out of their minds. I have been wrongfully terminated from several jobs that I took to support them. I am concerned for other's in this situation, it involves the whole community. I, also as a horseshoer have seen others in my position, struggling under the same load. I've smelled the poisons in their (customers) horses coat, I've seen the disillusion in the owners eyes as well as pain and suffering in the animals eyes. It's as though no one is listening.

I have not had reasonable help myself from the law enforcement and animal control in charge, and have not the funds to fight it alone. It needs to be a community effort. In January 2018 our Welsh pony's penis was mutilated. I called 911, Sheriff's dept. was dispatched but did not show two days in a row. Last month the same pony was killed in his pasture. He appears to have broken femurs and possibly spinal injuries. Possibly injuries to his jaw and teeth also.

My questions are: Who is doing it? Is the community so dominated by "groups such as militant mafias, Antifa, etc., whichever name it answers to,” that law enforcement has no control now? How do we make the changes to protect each other if our government offices are not doing so or incapable of doing so?

Also, is our water safe, did my animals get shot and harmed because I complained about the water possibly having chemicals in it? Did we anger a "militant group" by attempting to protect our community?

I'm asking our community to stand and fight this. These horses are witnesses, they are consuming something that is causing a very strong acidic odor and strong chemical smell. It is in their hair. How many of "us" are affected? Are we drinking it, bathing in it? There are health concerns, cancers, lung diseases, migraines etc.

It raises many questions that I hope we can get answers to, as well as protection for our community.

Angela Shubert

Golden Valley


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