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Wed, March 20

Kyrsten Sinema wants to keep families safe, offer better VA healthcare and equal pay for women

Kyrsten Sinema is committed to stand up for women's access to healthcare. (Photo courtesy of Sinema's Press Secretary)

Kyrsten Sinema is committed to stand up for women's access to healthcare. (Photo courtesy of Sinema's Press Secretary)

KINGMAN ¬– Arizonan politicians have come and gone through Kingman to spread the word about the issues they would tackle if they get elected to office. These issues include border security, healthcare for veterans, and healthcare in general.

Kyrsten Sinema, is a Democrat running for U.S. Senate, and the things she wants to tackle as a senator would be border security, VA healthcare and women’s rights such as equal pay and healthcare.

When it comes to securing the border she stands for keeping Arizona families safe, keeping families together, protecting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, and to fix the broken immigration system.

“If the political leaders in Washington won’t step up to fix the problem, it’s time for them to step aside,” Sinema said.

Sinema is in a group of Republicans and Democrats that have sponsored a bill called the USA Act. The bill consists of investing in smarter border security and providing a path of citizenship for immigrants in the DACA program.

“The USA Act makes investments in smart technology, like drones, cameras, and towers and invests in staffing on our border,” Sinema said. “(The) combination of resources will help us secure the border and stop the dangerous cartels who are bringing drugs in.”

While in the Arizona Legislature, she passed a law to crack down on sex trafficking, advocate for children’s health care and help veterans get in-state tuition at all Arizona public universities.

The VA healthcare system isn’t the greatest in the state and Sinema hopes to change that.

Recently a bill called the VA Mission Act was passed for veterans to receive better community-based care for those who have to travel far to receive care or experience long wait times.

“Many veterans don’t live near a VA facility or face long wait times for needed services,” Sinema said.

President Trump has passed five bills into law that she has worked on to support veterans by improving care, expanding economic opportunities and protecting whistleblowers.

Healthcare is important not just for the veterans who served for our country, but for everyone who is in need of healthcare in Arizona, including women.

Sinema believes that it’s up to a woman, her family and her healthcare provider to decide what’s best for her health.

“I’m committed to standing up for women’s access to healthcare without government interference,” she said.

Not only is women’s healthcare on her radar, but so is closing the gender pay gap by providing women equal pay for equal work.

Whether or not people live in Tucson or Kingman, people need good, quality jobs and affordable healthcare, she said.

As for rural communities like Kingman, Sinema recognizes that there are unique needs that families face in rural areas.

“Taking care of our agricultural community, ensuring we have a water supply for the future, and being good shepherds and stewards of the land,” Sinema said.

Sinema has been endorsed by former vice president Joe Biden, Arizona Professional Fire Firefighters Association, Mayor Coral Evans of Flagstaff, and the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.


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