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Fri, Jan. 24

Writers have to write

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People will often suggest a subject that I should write about. I will sometimes hear, "I can't write it like you can." I believe that if you can speak, you can write.

Nothing I have to say is ever earth shattering, but hopefully it leaves the reader with a smile and something to think about. I am always honest in everything I write, and therefore do not have to worry about contradicting myself.

I have lived long enough to have many experiences to share. Staying away from those topics that bring out the "mean" in people is another thing I try to do. We all get quite enough political opinions and hateful rhetoric just watching the news or visiting our Facebook.

So, why do I write at all? I have asked myself that. Someone gave me an answer once. He said, "Some people just have to write." I never thought about it quite like that, but he was indeed correct.

I have never been a writer of lists for the grocery store, bills to pay or much of that. It does appear that when I have something I think is important to say, I will often write it down.

I remember as a young girl often sharing stories with friends. Sometimes it would just be about an adventure my sister and I had been on, and that would often include climbing out our window at night to meet boys.

My adult sons are happy that I write a blog. "It will help keep your mind sharp, Mom. And even after you are gone, we will be able to read your stories."

Yes, some people do call them stories. Even Google calls them stories. I call them blog-posts, because I do not consider myself a "story writer." No books around with my name on them.

I seem to enjoy writing blogs about growing up. When I write them, they really take me back to the moment. Even those times that were not so pleasant can take on a whole new meaning.

At my age I know that I am the total sum of all that I have lived through, good and bad. Putting the words out there will often bring back a memory that I had long forgotten. No, we do not have to live in the past in order to remember it the way it really was.

I hope people do enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it. Just maybe it brings back a moment in their own lives that they can enjoy all over again.

There are those who just love to read, and those of us who just love to write.

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