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Rants & Raves | July 22, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | Fetus or Baby?: Good grief! Do we really want to address the right to life thing here at the Miner? This is an argument that will NEVER be settled. I think this would best be between you and your God.

Lizard,arch not worth the money: The arch and lizard not appropriate at this time City officials. Financial issues dictate adjusting your budget even if funds are “earmarked.” When times get tough you prioritize. Would you add a beautiful fountain to a weed filled yard?

Clean City Commission curbside recycling: I guess the current recycling program at parks isn’t working? Can you see two trash cans in front of all homes? Most Cans are left at the street ALL week blocking views and roads.. Not Safe!

Letter | Fetus or Baby?: Seriously, Mr. Couch, where do YOU stand on education, social programs, and putting children in cages? No where! You only care about these fetuses until they are born, then you want no part of helping real live children and families. Hypocrisy!

Letter | Fetus or Baby?: Amazing how men always seem to know what women need to do with their bodies. Abortion is never an easy decision and never taken lightly. The law provides a medically safe way for women deciding to abort.

2nd and Oak: Wonderful idea! Wishing them much success. This is such a neat house and yard; I’m sure Mary Jane Wienke and family who lived there many years would be very proud that the old home is starting over with something new.

Clean City Commission curbside recycling: How many city council members live in this area? What is wrong with just hauling the recyclables up to the bins that are all around town? Stop arguing, get off your butts and take your own trash to the bins.

Column | There goes the neighborhood by Blair Bess: What an excellent column. Fox “news” is just the tail wagging the dog!

Letter | We are the UNITED States of America: You’re totally right Tom. And it starts at the top!

Democratic socialism: Democratic socialism is social security, medicare, interstate roads, bridges, public schools etc. It isn’t some big giveaway. Ocasio and Sanders are NOT mainstream Democrats and do not represent the bulk of the party.

Officer fires weapon through windshield: What a scary scene especially watching it from this view. Why don’t the officers have bluetooths on for better communication? Taking ones hands off the wheel while driving and shooting isn’t safe for others around. LV police need to review.

Trump corrects statement on Putin: He can’t reverse what he said and be a good guy. You cannot trust anything he says because he reverses it, minimizes it or plain lies. Time for him to resign.

Background checks reveal court histories for state representative candidates: I have no traffic violations for over 40 years, bankruptcies or history of run-ins with the law and yet I’m expected to vote for these scofflaws to tell me how to live? I guess 1 out of 5 ain’t bad.

Haboobs: Haboob is a word that describes severe sandstorms, previously occurring primarily in mid-eastern countries. Due to climate change, we now experience them in our country. How petty that someone would be offended by calling them HABOOB.

Farming and Trump Tariffs: Trumpsters how do you feel about the prices of items such as pork and EVERYTHING going up? So much for your tax cuts! Wow he is doing such a great job as the farmers all go out of business.

Letter | Inch by inch move towards communism: You got that wrong Don. Ever since the 1960s the Republican party has been taking over the governing of America. By “Right To Work” laws. The deduction of Union Dues for political purposes. Redistricting of State I could go on.

‘Skyscraper:’ Action with a poor plot: ”Action with a poor plot” you just described 98 percent of the garbage produced by Hollywood over the past decade or so.

Community Health Assessment: Where did these survey answers come from? No one in our house was ever asked to take part in any survey and if you haven’t heard from everyone in town then your figures are incorrect.

Mohave county and drugs: Yes, I believe much of the problem IS related to lack of outside stimulation for young people. However, it is the OLD people who abuse the opiates more than others. Time to go after the doctors.

Merkel: Merkel is the leader of the free world. Trump will never be.

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