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Sat, June 15

Letter | Mayor: Let’s make Kingman an even greater place to live

Mayor Monica Gates

Mayor Monica Gates

I am proud to call Kingman home and proud to serve as Mayor. The depiction of our community in the Showtime program “Who is America?” does not represent the vast majority of our residents. Let’s be clear, this program is not about exposing intolerance but about inciting intolerance.

Indeed it is offensive to think some elements in the entertainment industry would go out of its way to mock and ridicule a community overwhelmingly comprised of honest, good-hearted, warm and welcoming people.

We can’t ignore that many of the comments made by residents and nonresidents in the program were cringe worthy. Perhaps there was some selected editing. Producers clearly baited participants to solicit outrageous responses. But the bottom line is that some took the bait in a very bad way.

Rather than wallow in indignation or ignore the damage, the Mayor and City Council feel this is an opportunity to not only set the record straight, but identify opportunities to improve the record.

We have a vibrant and diverse community. Our City Council champions respect and inclusion of every resident in our City and we proudly adopted Resolution No. 5085, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to Embracing Diversity. We will further enhance our efforts to promote pride in our community through continuing education and interaction.

A comedian that attempts to be humorous at the expense of a community is not funny. But we can either lash out or learn from this event and take the opportunity to further improve our great city. Please join me in my commitment to making Kingman an even greater place to call home.


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