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Rants & Raves | July 30, 2018

Rants & Raves

Rants & Raves

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Arizona ethics committee to consider speeding lawmaker: Mosley has nothing to worry about. With the Republican dominated Arizona house even if the ethics committee says, “Bad Boy” the house will do nothing. With Republicans it’s party above all else. Voters must vote out such braggarts.

Legislature decides not to let voters know of missed revenue: News piece reports Republican dominated committee won’t let public know Republican legislation means $5.2 billion loss to Arizonans with corporations and businesses benefiting. Why average citizens ever vote for republican party is a mystery.

Sales tax increase performing better than expected: Sales tax success! Pavement preservation first. Please City officials black top instead of chip and seal. If you must chip/seal PLEASE steam roll to compress! Our cars are a large investment and the dust is a health issue.

Letter | Baron Cohen and Kingman: I believe the “Kingmanites” were actors. This was a skit and not real. There are bigots everywhere even in cosmopolitan Washington D.C. This was not a true picture of Kingman.

Impeachment of Rosenstein: This whole Donald Trump ordeal makes me sick! He has discredited everyone and everything to do with the United States of America’s operations. The government agencies should be sick to their stomachs and yet this clown is still the president.

Sacha Baron Cohen: If the people of Kingman do not like Muslims, they need to realize that some of the best medical providers in the county of are of this faith. They are good, decent people.

Sacha Baron Cohen: These individuals who participated were willing to share their feelings about Kingman. My thoughts if you don’t like it here move. I personally know of one and I am not surprised. Of course the $150 was a great insensitive.

Is Putin’s Russia an ‘Evil Empire?’: Stalin was evil. Putin is evil. He has turned Russia into a one party state. He stifles dissent, jails his political opponents on trumped up charges, then has them killed. Period. End of story.

Hollywood in Kingman: I remember a movie made at Dr. Arnold’s house in the late 50’s. Don’t recall name. Do recall Rhonda Flemming. Beautiful woman.

Sacha Baron Cohen: If city council is really as upset as they claim they are about this, then they should sue him, his show and Showtime.

Sacha Baron Cohen: Cohen is not funny or correct! In my opinion he is way out of line! My wife and I moved to Kingman because the people are friendly! I have not seen the nonsense that is falsely depicted, not at all!

Hollywood in Kingman: You omitted Cornel Wilde’s movie, Edge of Eternity (1959) which was filmed in Kingman, the Grand Canyon and at Pearce Ferry. For history buffs it’s a must-see.

Sacha Baron Cohen: Who are you kidding? Kingman has a reputation for a reason, most of it true. Too bad such a nice place, has so many ignorant residents.

Sacha Baron Cohen: In Kingman you got whites telling me to go back to Mexico when I’m native. They would yell the N-word to my program director. And the amount of swastikas I’ve seen tattooed on people there. Yeah Kingman is racist.

Sacha Baron Cohen: “After all, New York City rejected a mosque not too many years ago and Scottsdale, Arizona once had a big debate over a Jewish Community Center.”

Ya, they were a pack of racists too.

Sacha Baron Cohen: Good for you, turn it into something positive. While the prank was unfair to some degree, the reaction by some in the room was deplorable and voices on the right need to loudly condemn this.

Sacha Baron Cohen: The show and this segment are hilarious!! No matter how damaging it might be to the town’s image, have a sense of humor.

Sacha Baron Cohen: I appreciate the council’s response but it does not go far enough. Muslims were specifically targeted and the response makes no mention of that group. Our community contains many members of the Muslim faith and Islamophobia should not be tolerated.

Sacha Baron Cohen: Remove Andy Devine’s name from Andy Devine Drive NOW. If Andy were still alive to see the kind of people who live there now, he’d be VERY disgusted with his home town.

Sacha Baron Cohen: Cohen didn’t make a joke of Kingman. The people of Kingman did that themselves.

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