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Tue, Nov. 19

No negative vibes

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I am curious as to what makes certain people be negative about everything from good news to just sharing information with them. There are those among us that just can't find the "good" in anything. I call this kind of thinking a "buzzkill.”

I think we all probably have good days and bad. Every single day may not be filled with good things, but they can't be all bad, either. Can they?

Sometimes I think people just don't allow themselves to be happy. They expect the worst, and often see it that way no matter what.

I always try to find the good in people and things. I admit there have been a few folks in my life who are now in exile. I can only take so much negativity and then I just have to let them go!

I think “attitude” is really the word I should be using here. Some people have a good attitude and others do not. Is this a behavior they choose, or a condition they just have no control over? Just try to imagine sharing good news with a family member, and they instantly rip it apart. They somehow immediately know it is not going to work out. This person may also tell you that you are wrong. It could not have happened that way at all and must have ended badly, instead. If there is any possible downside, they will most certainly make you aware of it.

I know life is not a bowl of cherries for everyone. We all have struggles and demons within us. Life is absolutely harder for some than others. I get that. I also believe that having a positive attitude makes life better.

Even if things do go badly, it is how you handle it that really matters. There are many things in our lives that we cannot change. We can only control the way we deal with them.

As we age we often find that what was once important to us has changed. Things we might lose sleep over just don't matter as much. We are much more likely now to lose sleep over events that happened years ago.

We have an opportunity to start each and every day with a good attitude to find that one thing, no matter how small. Let that be what guides your day and not the dreaded dentist appointment or spending 60 minutes on hold just trying to get an appointment with the doctor. In the big scheme of things, don't these inconveniences seem small? Before you start to rain on someone's parade, please ask yourself, “Why?” Do you really need to take away the positive outlook from someone else?

We don't know how many days any of us have in this world. Again, we are not given a warranty at birth.

Be the person that encourages others to stay on the bright side and not the voice of doom.

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