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Sat, April 20

Letter | Downwinders

The downwinders are the tip of an iceberg. Cancer is not the only disease the government in it's zeal to test things created to the detriment of the people in the southwestern U.S.

I am a military brat. My entire immediate family all died at 56. I am alive today only because I have great doctors and believe my illness which resembles what caused my youngest brother's death in my memories. With everyone else I was too young or not close to when they became ill and died.

We lived in 29 Palms, California and from information I found from vets online we were in an epicenter that generated what impacted the downwinders in Arizona and further east. And California was excluded in the downwinder hearings. This is an injustice and is only a fraction of the story per our devious military and government and Congress.

These days, this Congress would likely laugh at someone who wants the whole truth exposed. And I do know the truth, I was old enough to remember plenty!

The story is the one covering "Continuing The Fight For Downwinders" by congressman Gosar. I will give him a little history, too, about the situation for the military and their families stuck in this mess.

I even got my father's records as the last surviving family member, and that was a complete joke. But the government finally produced what I suspected and it verified my own records on where we were and what he was doing during those years. My memories were correct and I do know what was really happening in that area of the country quite clearly.

It is all documented now if for no other reason than I want my grandchildren to know the truth.

And I have MCAD, a mutated white blood cell and the cause of some serious health issues that I believe killed my entire immediate family at 56. And I might add, I think I am on a special list because in 2001 when I applied for disability because of my problems I sailed through the process.

Being a CPA, BSA, programmer I was expecting blowback but suspiciously that did not happen.

Susan Doten

Local resident


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