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Rants & Raves | June 10, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

NACFD board: Why is Carl Hays still on the NACFD Board when he lied about residency? Why are Collins and Bailey not under indictment? Why is County Attorney Matt Smith still sitting on his hands and not protecting Mohave County citizens?

Woman loses $170,000: This sounds suspicious. 1-WHO gets cash for a property sale? Usually bank wire transfer. 2-HOW do we know money was IN the case? 3-WHO takes $170,000 in cash to a WalMart to shop? I would think cash would be priority?

Chip seal will be applied to streets and create traffic delays: Chip seal will be applied to streets and create traffic delays, chipped windshields, chipped paint and oil all over your car and trucks.

Two council-hopefuls submit petitions: So glad to learn that the sitting council will not be filling that last chair. The likelihood is that a write-in candidate will. We need a strong, intelligent, ethical person to run. July 19 is the deadline

More taxes: First of all the state lottery money was supposed to go for schools, NOT pet projects of the elected officials who ALL enter their profession broke and leave super rich, or never leave their offices in a box

Kelli Ward: Anybody who believes Trump is an example of who we are as a country needs to re-evaluate who they are. We are not a morally corrupt and dishonest country, the republican leader is.

Clinton and Trump: All the attention in the world will not change the Clinton story and won’t distract from Trump’s multitude of legal problems.

Trump blames Democrats: President Trump sure does not let the facts stand in his way of spouting off with “Alternative facts.”

Ward rallying troops: Any educated physician who cannot make up their mind about “Chemtrails” is not fit to run for the senate. An MDs motto is “Do No Harm,” so Kelli stay out of it.

ACC/Truxton Water hearing: Encouraging to see that the ACC still has its eyes on Truxton Canyon Water. Any company with that many violations should not be providing a life-source element to residents-anywhere

Illegal dumping: We also have a problem with people abandoning shopping carts in the areas behind the hospital along and off of Western. Now people are starting to fill them with trash. If you push it in please push it out.

Scottsdale man never got over his divorce: Never got over his divorce? No he was a straight up psychopath.

Colorado baker refuses to make gay couple’s wedding cake: What kind of society do we want? A business open to serve the public MUST serve everyone with money. If a business wants to pick and choose who to serve it needs to declare itself a For Members Only establishment.

$170,000 stolen from Walmart: Really? This doesn’t pass the smell test, too many questions yet to be answered. What I expect next is a go fund me account to “recover” her losses.

Kelli Ward: Kelli no one is interested in the agenda that the Mercer family wants you to push. We like having social security that we paid for. We don’t need it ruined by privatization. Please leave public life.

Kingman chip seal work: More cracked windshields, destroyed paint on cars , a complete waste of city tax money

Kingman chip seal work: It is the responsibility of the road work crews to power broom all loose rock after chip seal work.

Jagerson Brush Fire: With a dangerous fire season ahead, it is good to know that local agencies are responding with common sense, and not just the “let-burn” mentality we’ve experienced in the past. Thank you NACFD and KFD. We are behind you 110 percent.

Desert almond farmers are staking out water rights in Mohave County: Obviously it is ridiculous to grow a water intensive crop in a desert. Not too many generations ago, common sense ruled and no one would have considered this.

Water in Mohave County: Has nobody heard of desalination? Even California would have plenty of water from the Pacific Ocean if they would build a plant to take the salt out then sell the water AND salt.

Unemployment: Lots of minimum wage jobs, not jobs that can support a household.

Donald Trump, our president of these United States: When Donald shows us his taxes, I will call him president.

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