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Sun, May 19

Local residents participate in TV game show, take home money

Vanessa Lopez and her father, Anthony Lopez appeared in the second season on the second episode of the Fox TV game show “Beat Shazam.” (Photo courtesy of Tina Lopez)

Vanessa Lopez and her father, Anthony Lopez appeared in the second season on the second episode of the Fox TV game show “Beat Shazam.” (Photo courtesy of Tina Lopez)

KINGMAN – Game shows have been around for many years. Some of those shows are still around today, like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, or The Price is Right. But now there’s new TV game shows coming out like Beat Shazam, hosted by Jamie Foxx. Imagine coming from a small town like Kingman and being a participant on this game show? Well for a Kingman father and daughter they had the opportunity to be on this show and meet the famous actor.

Anthony Lopez and Vanessa Lopez, the father-daughter duo, were contestants of the game show Beat Shazam and took home $24,000 in prize money.

How the show works is simple. The game is based on the phone application, Shazam, which takes a few seconds to come up with the name, artist and other information about the song being played by listening to it.

The point of the show is to try to beat the phone application in naming the song. Contestants are given four possible song name choices. And they have the opportunity to win $1 million.

The father-daughter duo decided to go on the show after Vanessa started watching the show after Anthony recommended it to her. She started to like the show and pursued getting them on the show.

“After watching five episodes straight of it, I was like ‘Let’s do it!,’” Vanessa said.

Vanessa started the application process in June 2017 and didn’t hear back from the show’s producers until October 2017 and had to go through an extensive interview process.

Two weeks before airing was when the show’s producers contacted Vanessa and told them they were picked for the show from about 30,000 applicants.

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“They liked the energy me and Vanessa brought,” Anthony said.

The day of filming Anthony felt nervous and overwhelmed walking into the studio and seeing the stage. Besides meeting Jamie Foxx, they also had the opportunity to meet the basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Before filming, Anthony and Vanessa had the opportunity to socialize and bond with the other contestants they competed against.

“As we were playing the game, we’re really cheering for them,” Anthony said. “We’re not faking it.”

Although people may know the song and just know music in general, other people can have an emotional connection to it and can name the song faster.

“That’s where you lose your chances, but someone has a connection to that song and can take them a millisecond to guess it,” Vanessa said.

Both say that it takes hand-eye coordination because you have to listen to the song, look at the options, register the information and make sure the correct buzzer is hit. To prepare for the show, Vanessa studied some genres and Anthony studied others.

In the end, the song the father-daughter duo lost to was “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. They didn’t get it wrong but another contestant answered faster.

Anthony has been a DJ for years and will buy some new DJ equipment with his share of winnings and take the RV out with his wife Tina. Vanessa will add on to the new house she bought with the money she won.


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