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Tue, Dec. 10

Letter | Trump isn’t a politician, that’s why we voted for him

The same old story often told and repeated. Those in power do all they can to ride the coattails of good men in power so the gravy train never stops.

You people of the RNC didn’t want Trump, the average Republican didn’t want Trump and, of course, all the RINOs in the Republican Party don’t want Trump. And yes, the progressive socialist Democrat Party doesn’t want Trump.

Of course they don’t, you say, because they want a liberal. And that’s where you would be wrong.

None of these people or groups wanted Trump because he wasn’t one of them. He didn’t eat at the moneyed trough and couldn’t be bought by the same corporate giants or industry moguls. Yes, he does enjoy being rich, and he and I will never share the same dinner table. So be it. But it’s time for you in the establishment to know and understand that we the American citizens of this country are tired of you seeming to serve life terms in the House or the Senate with only an occasional loss through death, retirement or surprise being defeated at the polls. Your unlimited sources of cash and influence almost guarantee that we the people get stuck with you for our lifetime.

So here is what we are going to do. Let’s see the real overturn and replacement of Obamacare, lets see the wall to the finish, show me a Congressional term limit amendment coming out of Congress that would include all federal court judges and headed for the states to ratify. Show me how you will eliminate the Federal Reserve, that private bank owned by private bankers that dares to uphold and support big business and big industry and ignores the needs of the people. Show me how you will get the government out of the land management business, out of education and out of the energy business.

And you know there was at one time in the country an act passed by Congress and signed into law called the Sherman Antitrust Act. Businesses today are far larger and control more market share then in any time in our history. More than ever we the people need and want real competition and we demand that you break up these giant corporations, and devalue their political power and influence.

So once again understand that we the people agreed to send you, our representative, to Congress not to line your pockets, to lord over us or control us, not to find new ways to tax us, but to do our business and help make our lives a bit less stressful, more rewarding and giving us more control over all we do and care for. This our constitutional republic that was created and adopted for “We the People” to be in power and control, not a king or queen, not a dictator or committee, and surely not a Congress member, senator, president, judge or bureaucrat.

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