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Rants & Raves | June 17, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Two people detained in $170,000 case: In reference to Rusty Cooper’s comment that “Whether we prove if it’s real or not is nobody’s business. It’s our business.” Cooper can’t control freedom of speech or freedom of expressing an opinion.

Mohave County wants to keep its water: It is inconceivable to me that our Board of Supervisors will not petition AZDWR to designate Mohave County as an Active Management Area. In fact, the entire state, not just the metropolitan counties, should be under that designation.

Ward spreading message on immigration, healthcare and jobs: This candidate is so ambitious that even though being an educated physician was willing to pay lip service to contrail conspiracies, and disrespect Sen. McCain in an effort to steal his seat! Personal integrity seems in short supply these days.

Prescott lawmaker has choice words on race, immigration: The fact that Rep. Springer so boldly and shamelessly displays his racist, xenophobic ideology is not surprising given the atmosphere of hatred and scapegoating spewing from the current administration in Washington. Arizona, we are better than this!

Letter | Trump isn’t a politician, that’s why we voted for him: You said it! For those national commentators who still don’t understand why or how Trump was elected. Read this letter. We voted for President Trump because he is not a politician, not polished, blunt and to the point.

Letter | McCain is a hyprocite: Becky, Becky, Becky. You should have spent some time with John McCain from 1967 to 1973. Then you would understand who the real hypocrite is.

Letter | Kingman taxes: The tax went up because you decided to have it shipped to the store, instead of your home. Just as if you went there physically to purchase it, doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll pay the additional Kingman tax.

Gov. Ducey not in favor of Equal Rights Amendment: Gov. Ducey can’t get behind something as non-partisan and beneficial as the Equal Rights Amendment. This speaks to his inability to serve the people of Arizona, that he will not even commit to equal pay and opportunity for all! Shame!

On-street parking finds its way back to City Council: When buying a vehicle providing a place to put it is your responsibility. You wouldn’t buy furniture if you didn’t have a home. It is not the city’s duty to provide a place for people to put their things.

Kingman Arch: I love it! It looks great. I feel so important driving under it; like we’re somebody.

Kingman water: Simple fix, due to drought, put a mandatory stop order on further farm development well drilling , until further review by Arizona water resources board .

Drinking water gone, so is Kingman.

Candidate Kelli Ward: Worse than chemtrails, she thinks Cliven Bundy is a good guy and takes money from the Mercers. The Mercers – you know the people who want to get rid of your social security.

Two people detained in $170,000 case: Your right Mr. Cooper it might not be any of our business, but it was made our business when you asked for help to find this woman’s suitcase/money. If found please escort her to the bank and deposit the funds.

Oh Democratic Party, what ever happened to you?: Mike, the democratic party is no more. The neo-fascist branch of the alt-right conservatives who want us to become an imperial loner on the international stage have taken over. Money and power have become our gods.

On-street parking finds its way back to City Council: It forever amazes me when our City Councilors debate what to do with their back yard without even looking beyond the fence at what others are doing. This issue and more have already been successfully covered by other growing cities.

Asphalt replacement: Kudos to the asphalt replacement team on Stockton Hill. They completed work with minimal delays, at impressive speed. Plus no loose rocks, dust, oil, or cure time. It was incredibly efficient. Bring on asphalt replacement over chip sealing any day.

Kingman could be in danger of losing Amtrak’s Southwest Chief: Why should millions of taxpayers pay for something used by only a few people? The tax payer doesn’t subsidize BNSF that runs dozens of trains through Kingman every day, is privately owned, maintained and turns a very nice profit.

Donald Trump, our president of these United States: When Donald shows us his taxes, I will call him president.

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