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Sat, Oct. 19

Community View | Who gave Paul Mosley an A+ rating?

Paul Mosley

Paul Mosley

Over the past year, I have made an intentional effort to learn about the voting records of our representatives in Legislative District 5, particularly how they vote on education issues. Paul Mosley’s record has not impressed me. He voted to expand Education Savings Accounts in 2016 (the bill that is now Proposition 305 on the November ballot). He refused to meet with teachers and school board members during the teacher walkout this spring, then he publicly announced that compulsory attendance should not be a law because education is for those who are privileged enough to want it (

So who is this organization giving him an A+?

Arizona Free Enterprise Club is their name. AFEC has given Mr. Mosley this rating for the past two years for his strong support of the issues they promote. I did some research to find out who they are and what they support. According to their website, All of the founders are multi-million dollar business people in the Metro Phoenix area. They support consumer choice and freedom in our education and health care systems. They seek to reduce the income and property tax burden in Arizona.

As I look at this list a few items really stand out to me. Paul Mosley is representing LD5 which is not part of the Metro Phoenix area, but all of the founders of this organization are in the Metro Phoenix area. The words “choice” and “freedom” when applied to education have proven to be nice ways of saying privatization. Kingman has a large, public school system that includes district and charter schools. This school system can be our strongest economic tool, but it has to be properly funded by the state of Arizona.

AFEC also says they are seeking to reduce income tax and property tax. In the 2018 fiscal year, the state budget was $10 billion, 87 percent sales tax and individual income tax, 3 percent corporate income tax. In 201, corporations in Arizona received $13.5 BILLION in tax credits (this is the revenue year that funds the 2019 fiscal year). While I personally would benefit from lower sales tax and income tax, I’m curious to know why corporations are paying less tax and not more tax. Especially since our total state revenue is not adequate to support the systems of our state (schools, healthcare, law enforcement, emergency services, transportation and roads, etc).

I started looking at more pages on their website and learned that AFEC filed a suit that was decided by the US Supreme Court stating that the Clean Campaign Act limited a candidate's ability to raise funds and therefore limited the candidate’s 1st Amendment right to free speech (Arizona Free Enterprise Club v Bennet

According to an article published by the Arizona Republic, during the 2014 midterm election, AFEC supported candidates in races such as Secretary of State (not a policy making area) and Corporation Commission in amounts exceeding $1 million (

As a “non-profit” they are not required to disclose donors. BUT they are also required to have 51 percent of their funding dedicated to service-welfare activities…did they spend that in 2014? Are they spending it now? (http:// Paul Mosley receives funding from Arizona Freedom Enterprise Club and has been endorsed by them for the 2016 election. This information along with the facts of who they are and what they stand for causes me to wonder why AFEC would be interested in Legislative District 5 representatives.

I am looking for elected officials to represent the VOTERS of LD5. People who will meet with their constituents, listen to concerns, and work alongside constituents and other representatives to forge solutions that build a stronger Arizona. An Arizona where: EVERY child receives a high quality education, people have access to quality healthcare, and employment that provides a living wage is attainable.

Does Paul Mosley fit that vision? You are the voter. You have the right and the responsibility to make your opinion known Aug. 28 and Nov. 6 in the primary and general elections. I urge you to research all of the candidates and make an informed decision when you vote. If you need to register, or are uncertain of your voter status, visit, the Department of Motor Vehicles at 3670 E Andy Devine Ave, or the Mohave County Recorder’s office at 700 West Beale Street.

Building a strong Arizona begins with building strong communities. Your vote matters!

Susan Collins, NBCT

Arizona Hope Street Fellow

Manzanita Elementary

Music Specialist

Kingman Unified School

District #20

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