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Tue, May 21

County Corner | Introducing the Sheriff’s Labor Adjudication Program

Sheriff Doug Schuster

Sheriff Doug Schuster

Hello Mohave County. It is a pleasure to participate in the Mohave County Corner and appreciate the opportunity to share information with our citizens. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is focused on moving forward in a positive direction and understands the value of partnering with our community. We are here to provide top notch law enforcement and public safety services to all residents and visitors. We believe strongly in not only providing professional and courteous service, but engaging on a personal level within our communities in order to establish a true partnership. Together we can and are making a difference and I greatly appreciate all the support we have received.

I am happy to announce a new program that we will be launching soon. It is the Sheriff’s Labor Adjudication Program (SLAP) and will utilize individuals who are sentenced through the Mohave County Justice and Municipal courts in lieu of incarceration. Rather than an individual being sentenced to a period of time in the county jail, they will be sentenced to the work program. This will help alleviate our already over-crowded jail and will remove the cost associated to our tax payers for the expense of incarceration. Basically, the program will be a mandated and controlled community service initiative.

This program will be implemented county wide and will focus on using this sentenced labor force to clean up our streets and our deserts. Much like the chain gangs of old, these inmates will work off their debt to society while providing a much needed public service.

This program is designed to accept only sentenced low level, non-violent offenders. This is a brand new program, and we are excited to see its recognized value to our communities as it unfolds.

On to a separate note. The summer is now well upon us. Remember that excessive heat can cause a number of health related concerns. Remember to always stay hydrated and plan your day according for extended time outdoors. If you plan on recreating in the desert, make sure that you inform your family of friends of the route you plan to take and the time you are expected to return.

Be safe and be smart Mohave County!


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