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Mon, June 17

Letter | Tired of manufactured crises

I, for one, have grown weary of left wing manufactured crises. With the economy roaring, Mueller investigation a nothing burger, the left needed a distraction. Enter "children in cages" by the evil right. Frankly, their pro-abortion stand on innocent babies is worse, but for another day.

In just the latest "invasion," HHS officials say by August, we will have 30,000 more illegal children to care for. All our fault, of course. Not to worry, they are considering using Ft. Bliss, Texas, in El Paso, Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene and Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo to house them. Not the original intent of our Army and Air Force actually, but who cares.

There would be no family separation problem if they weren't attempting illegal entry into our country. Duh! But our fault again.

The real abuse and truth is this. Most aren't legitimately seeking asylum or they would go to the points allowed for that. What they really are doing is putting thousands of their children on the tops of trains alone; sending them thousands of miles where they can fall off, fall apart, be kidnapped, raped or killed. Or they send their child with a total stranger to the border where the border patrol has to try and figure out if that person is really a relative or not. Again, not the border patrol’s responsibility, but they do it anyway.

What kind of human does this to their own child? Thank God, if we did this to our own children in the U.S. as they do daily, we would be prosecuted and possibly jailed. But we're the child haters, Ms Pelosi?

We pay the toll for this both financially and emotionally because we are a loving and giving nation. But one day, without closed borders and allowing the left to swerve from the founders intent that we say who comes here, how many and when, we will just be another country like those these people are leaving. High numbers, Democrat voters – that's what's really behind this.

Meanwhile, Christians and Jews are still being slaughtered all over the globe but not a peep out of the left nor a suggestion perhaps they be granted true asylum here.

Linda Athens



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