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Wed, Feb. 26

Dear Abby | Woman is put in the middle of an affair among friends

Dear Abby: I have two friends I am equally close to, “Jane” and “Mary.” We live in the same neighborhood. They are both married, live across the street from each other and spend time together almost every day. Their children play together. I spend a lot of time with both families, and my children play with theirs.

Jane is having an affair with Mary’s husband and has confided in me about every detail. She keeps telling me it’s over, and then I find out it isn’t. I spoke to Mary’s husband and told him if it doesn’t stop, I’ll tell Mary. (Jane doesn’t know I talked to him.)

They recently had another “weak moment.” Should I tell Mary what’s going on? Her husband has cheated in the past, and she chose to stay with him. I’m afraid the fallout from her finding out will be two broken marriages and several broken friendships. It’s very difficult to spend time with any/all of them knowing what I know. I feel like my silence is betraying Mary. Help! – Wish I Didn’t Know

Dear Wish: You are already more involved in this than you should be, and Jane should not have placed you in that position. Mary knows she has a philandering husband but chose to remain with him. I vote for keeping your lip zipped and trying to stay out of the line of fire.

Dear Abby: My husband and I have been married for 38 years. We divorced once, but remarried. We have four grown sons and six grandchildren.

He retired a year and a half ago, and I went through menopause. There has been constant contention since. He wants to fight over everything and won’t speak to me for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. I feel I am being emotionally abused.

Four months ago, I moved out and moved in with my dad to be his caretaker.

I am so much happier not living with my husband.

I want to live a happy, peaceful life. My husband seems to enjoy the constant fighting. Should I get my own place and live apart from my husband when my dad passes? – Unhappily Married In Utah

Dear Unhappily Married: Your husband’s silent treatment qualifies as emotional abuse. You do NOT have to tolerate it. Marriage isn’t slavery, and you do not need your abuser’s “permission” to divorce him (again).

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