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Rants & Raves | June 24, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Letter | Tired of manufactured crises: I see that after all these years you still don’t let facts get in your way. At least you finally quit informing us of all the golf Obama played.

Letter | Tired of manufactured crises: You are making up another manufactured crisis by saying others are making up a manufactured crisis. Leave it alone.

Governor Ducey keeps National Guards at the border: Governor Ducey lacks the courage of other governors who took a stand against an inhumane policy. The border “emergency” has been created by the current White House administration as a tool to manipulate the public, making children and families pawns.

NACFD’s Mike Collins: I would love to be able to see this guys credentials in relations of his position on my fire department board. All I have been seeing is a man that has been trying to slow down or completely stop progress.

Column | Trump and the invasion of the West: If it was OK for President Reagan to grant citizenship then President Trump should do the same.

Sheriff’s Labor Adjudication Program: While I like the idea of druggies and petty thieves working off their fines, I see much potential for abuse in this SLAP program. Currently, it costs to house inmates and that limits unnecessarily adding to an indentured labor force.

New GOP plan: Hold kids longer at the border, but with parents: Read the particulars on this plan – they have used these children to get what they want passed. In some places that might be called extortion. At the expense of innocent children and desperate parents. A dark hour for America.

Immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages: Is this the America we really want? Shame on us!

Gov. Ducey doesn’t sign Equal Rights Amendment: Women are about half the population of this country. Why do we continue to settle for less?

Beale street revitalization continues: I’m glad to see people getting interested working to revitalize downtown. I’ve always said rather than move to the outskirts of town make it easier and more attractive to businesses to move back down town.

Trash in shopping carts: Why do people think it’s OK to leave their trash in a stores shopping cart. Sometimes it’s from another business. People, the trash was already in your vehicle so wait and put it in a trash can.

Kingman Crossing and KRMC: The people that moved to the area in Kingman Crossing knew what emergency services were before moving there. Why are they worried now? They want quicker response times move, or pay for it themselves, instead of taxing everyone else.

Immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages: It’s not the suffering children’s fault they were born to immigrant parents. Put Trump and his boys in a cage and see how they like it.

KUSD schools improving security with magnetic lock doors: Remotely controlled magnetic locks? Why does it seem like schools are more and more resembling prisons?

$170k stolen from walmart: To the conspiracy theorists, check fluoride levels in your water or figure out your propensity for negativity. It is none of yours, mine, or our business. Let the cops do their jobs!

Miner Editorial | It’s not a bad thing to be known for something: Why not put the museum out at the airport? There is plenty of room for growth. Perhaps drawing more tourists to that area would allow the air museum to reopen, and bring customers to the import store and the distillery.

Immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages: There is no law for this. Mercenaries are making money. These people are seeking asylum not wanting to take the berry picking jobs you don’t want. Concentration camps folks – just like Hitler.

Calls begin for Prescott lawmaker who used racist language to resign: Stringer cites multiple cases of reality, and states, “We need to be prepared for this.” Called to resign over this? This is a classic case of “shoot the messenger.”

New GOP plan: Hold kids longer at the border, but with parents: Correction: It’s not the Trump policy, it’s Trump following the law. Obama only followed whatever laws benefited him. The answer. Keep all illegals out, no matter their age. How dare them; thinking they own us and we owe them something.

On-street parking: Have to park an 8-foot RV inside a 6-foot fence. What will this do?

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