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Tue, July 16

Letter | Vanishing America

I’m glad I won’t be around to see the takeover of the southern part of this country currently known as America. I’m glad I won’t see the progression of 'Spanish only' billboards along our nation’s highways. I’m glad I won’t see the day when I see more illegal aliens than Americans in this country. I’m glad I won’t see the day when schools nationwide “require” children to learn Spanish as they already do in many of our schools. Many of our schools are already bloated with the addition of children who do not speak a word of English.

I doubt that I will be around to ever see our leaders get together to stop this damaging flow of illegals coming across our borders.

“In 1983, the Supreme Court forbade schools and hospitals to deny services based on undocumented immigration status.” ( Because of this decision, many of our hospitals had to close their doors due to nonpayment of services.

In 1986, then-President Reagan gave amnesty to approximately 2 million illegal aliens. A Mexican activist said on TV at that time, “We will take back California without ever firing a shot!” It’s happening.

Who is to blame for this continual creeping invasion of our country? The whole thing is political. The Democrats want aliens here so that the aliens will give them their vote, that way they are assured of keeping their cushy seats. The Republicans are afraid to do anything to try to stop it for fear they will lose their votes as well, thus losing their cushy jobs.

None of our leaders are seeing far enough into the future, except one. President Trump is a business man, not a politician. Maybe that’s why he can see that if this flow of people into our country continues, we will indeed turn into an overpopulated third-world country.

I’m glad I grew up in the '50s. I’m glad I won’t see our American culture just fade away. I’m glad I’ll probably be dead in a few years and won’t see the decline of what was once a great nation!


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