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Tue, March 26

Letter | For Laurie: By John French

Letter writer John French hopes those who are hurting reach out for help. (Adobe Images)

Letter writer John French hopes those who are hurting reach out for help. (Adobe Images)

I have seen a few things for suicide prevention lately. A friend’s daughter took her own life not too long ago, and I wrote the following as a memorium, and plea for anyone suffering severe depression to get help. Thanks ... John French

She whispered

Please help me

My head is bowed all of the time

I can’t get the bad thoughts out of my mind

I should be happy, I know it’s true

But I can’t seem to get there no matter what I do

And she said...

Please help me.

Can’t you see through the smile that is on my face

The pain in my eyes that’s always the same

I feel like I’m running a wasted race

I can’t wait to leave this place.

And she screamed


Why do you stand there like a bump on a log

I’m screaming myself hoarse through the fog

I see people here surrounding me

But they don’t care about me

They should be able to read my thoughts

And know that the demon always haunts my life ...

And as she cried ...

I can’t help me.

I can’t make anyone understand

The pain I’m about to cause by my own hand

I can’t stop the thoughts from telling me

The world would be better without me...

And so she died.

Not out of selfishness or any greed.

But not knowing how to fill the need to be

The happy person her loved ones wanted her to be.

(Please get help if you can’t seem to get bad thoughts out of your mind. You may be be screaming for help inside your mind, but if you don’t use your voice to tell someone, they may never really know the pain you feel.)


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