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Rants & Raves | March 4, 2018

Youth hunters: A 12-year-old javelina hunter is legal. A 12-year-old is smarter than you think and won’t do anything they don’t want to do. If you have proof she was forced, please call CPS. I am not a hunter.

Honest people are the victims of discrimination: Mohave County has raised property valuation. Hundreds of residents don’t have septics or permits for anything. The law says you can’t live on a piece of property without a septic. Enforce the law.

Guns: Trying to take guns will only cause more issues. It is our right to bear arms. Why should all give up guns for a select few? About 234 people per day die because of drunks. Stop selling booze.

Sid Cranston case: Why isn’t Bill Sanders in jail? He doesn’t deserve probation. He (allegedly) had knowledge of where Sid’s body was while law enforcement and volunteers searched. There should be no mercy for Sanders.

Shooting survivors angry at Trump? The Texas Argyle School District started arming teachers four years ago. Well trained and retrained every two years. The large fence sign advises teachers are armed and ready to protect their students. Finally, something that will help.

Doggie dental health is important: True, they seldom complain until it is very serious, or they sometimes just stop eating. I, for one, wish I had the money for my own teeth that I spend on the dogs.

Death penalty: The death penalty was once thought of as a deterrent. Now, it is mostly used as a bargaining chip. Offenders very often will plead out, with a promise to avoid the possibility of execution. That is when it works best.

SRO officers in Phoenix schools: But you can bet if something happens in these schools, the same people would be criticizing police response to their incident. Need to go back to school and actually learn something.

Student protesters rally in Phoenix: So now we blame every resource officer and deputies because of four? Isn’t that like blaming all weapons because of the AR-15? I support every teacher who wants to be armed, but with training. Need signs posted that school has armed people inside.

Sales Tax Petitioners: I bet those sales tax petitioners must love the latest news from our state leglislators that counties can raise sales tax up to 1 percent for road improvements. These good ole boys must be cringing!

More can be done to address our water problem, it just takes more money: The city could have rules about when residents (including golf course and parks) can water their lawns, wash cars and trucks and driveways. There are many times when I see water just rolling down the street.

Protect kids or confiscate guns? Don’t just “run down and incarcerate” these people as Mr. Buchanan stated in his article. Give them a speedy trial and the electric chair just like Giuseppe Zangara in 1933. End of problem.

Man arrested on arson charges after trying to stay warm: The cars were gone through and a gun stolen. Is the gun owner arrested for failure to secure the weapon? This is how crooks get them.

Embryos: Why do Republicans claim to want smaller government then do something horrendous like this?

Why we march: Another way to look at a protest march – it is a lot easier to protest than to run for office, volunteer, or actually work to solve a perceived problem.

Homelessness on the rise: Rocket science 101 – when you saddle someone with a criminal record, they will wind up destitute. All the trillions spent bombing rocks and kids for opium and outdated fuels overseas won’t help them.

Golden Valley woman faces 17 charges of animal cruelty: Really? An animal shelter and sanctuary again? When is this county going to learn after taxpayers have footed the bill for the last 10 shelters here to be cleaned up from bad owners. We have a county animal shelter. Use it.

No course for a horse: Man rides onto California freeway: Wait a minute. How can he be arrested? The horse does the driving.

Mass shooters get too much publicity: After working for the government for 37 years, now I can tell you why these things get so much attention. Money. Gun sales rise, mortuaries make money, dollar stores sell candles. It is a economy builder.

On Fay Logsdon: My favorite teacher, Fay gave me a key to the little courthouse basement room for discarded library books. As she and mom worked upstairs, I whiled away non-school hours happily reading in my little nook. I’ll always miss her.

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