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Thu, April 25

Letter | There is no gun law that could have stopped Florida shooting

Gun laws are like drug laws – only the honest citizen obeys them. Criminals are not limited to obeying laws.

We banned drugs and they flow like a river 24/7. We banned alcohol and it, too, stopped nothing but created a black market, which gave rise to roaring 1920s, with mobsters and many others getting rich.

Many do not know the Kennedy financial empire rose on smuggling alcohol. Raising age limits on purchasing alcohol has not stopped under-aged drinking. If at 18 you can vote, die for your country, then you ought to be able to do anything a 21-year-old can.

If you raise the age of military service to 21, only then would I agree to vote for someone who advocates raising the gun ownership age, otherwise you’re a hypocrite. If a teenager at 18 can die for his country, he ought to have every right a 21-year-old has.

Knee-jerk reactions fix nothing. This shooter in Florida was abandoned by his mother, adopted by a woman who obviously loved him but died suddenly. He clearly had many issues and had someone got him help he might be free today and 17 kids might be alive.

No gun law would have accomplished this.

Ralph Hill

Local Resident


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