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Rants & Raves | March 11, 2018

Man arrested in jail for trying to bring meth into jail: Wow. Bringing a meth stash with you into jail? I have to wonder what he was arrested for in the first place. Just bet it wasn’t as serious as what he is looking now!

There is more than $23 million in Mohave County unclaimed property: Good read about the unclaimed money, property. Hope there are those who really need a break, that will benefit from the information.

Christian nation or no Christian nation: Most people will defend that we are supposed to be a Christian nation. As long as we all believe in some kind of “higher power” who cares what you call him or her. How you live your life, is what you are.

It’s not a fun control vs. second amendment argument: J’aime Morgaine letter about the NRA. One of the absolute most truthful I have read in years. Sadly, it has become a fight to the finish, so to speak. Too much money is involved, and NRA ain’t giving it up!

Billy Graham: In a limo, a radio minister gushes to Billy: “What a fantastic sermon you gave tonight!” Graham: “It’s just the Gospel.” You cannot pin a compliment on this guy! This must be how greatness thinks: I’m just doing my job.

It’s not a fun control vs. second amendment argument: J’aime Morgaine- Wish I could hit “like”/”share” because your article was spot on. I agree – so many gun advocates get their second amendment rights mixed up with “we’re taking your guns.” The NRA has become more powerful than the constitution.

Letter to Editor “Why We March:” When the youth in our country beg for us to protect them from being gunned down you know we have a problem. I REFUSE to accept this as the new norm! I plan to march with you, Danny Baker...

Letter “There is no gun law that could have stopped Florida shooting:” Laws are only followed by honest people. Laws against murder don’t prevent murder nor will laws against guns prevent gun crime. Laws don’t prevent anything, they just give society a means for punishing offenders.

Hualapai Mountain Oservatory: The telescope referred to in the article was the first large reflector I had ever looked through. They trained it on the moon and the image more than filled the view but moved quickly off to the right.

Miner Editorial “Hunting benefits families, the economy, conservation efforts:” Killing animals for food is an old tradition started by those who did it only for food. Once it became a sport and passed down thru the family, it just became ugly. I taught mine to respect all living things.

Ditat Deus in classrooms: Sure hope this does not pass. They seem intent in getting religion into the classrooms.

Driver permit test taken online: The people of Arizona keep showing the lack of education here. Like how do we know the parent or other person other than the teenager is taking that test.

2 Chinese tourists die after US 93 crash Thursday: ADOT needs to have a flashing red stop sign installed to prevent this from happening again. How many times does it take before preventative action is taken. All of the fatalities have been individuals who aren’t familiar with the highway!

Mother thanks jail officers for saving suicidal son: So glad to read that quick thinking detention officers saved the life of an inmate. Hopefully, he will get the continued help he needs, down the road. You never know when change is possible.

Floyd Tapia Obituary: Deepest sympathy to all the Tapia family. Growing up in Kingman, Floyd was one of the good guys, always working with a smile. He and the family made Kingman a better place. Rest in peace Floyd.

How much do you tip? America should get away from tips and do like most other countries; pay the people a working wage and forget about the tips. Use a survey at the end if the owner wants to know how the employee is doing.

Jared Kushner’s Rough Week: And recall Obama’s rough presidency - 25 major scandals. Iran nuke deal, Obama knew Hillary had private server, Obama’s IRS targeted conservatives, Obama’s DOJ spied on the AP, “If you like your Dr, you can keep your Dr” etc etc.

Kingman police accreditation: Because “best practice policies, procedures and operational guidelines for all law enforcement agencies” has worked out so well across our nation. In my opinion the new ‘by the book’ officer learns how to hide actionable offenses behind departmental policy.

City money: This city needs to have some police that stop the bad driving. The city cries we need money, well, get out there and ticket the jerks and you will have money to burn.

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