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Thu, June 20

National poison prevention week begins today

KINGMAN – The third week of March is Poison Prevention week and focuses on spreading poison prevention for both people and animals. Keepers of the Wild provides a safe home for their wildlife by not using any fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, or rodenticides.

Wildlife species are susceptible to poisoning by consuming unprotected bait items stored incorrectly or left for insects and rodents. They may also be exposed to poisons that have been sprayed onto open ground or vegetation and then ingesting the substance when grooming. Target species (insects and small mammals) that have consumed poisons may not immediately die. These poisoned species may be consumed by amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals which become secondary victims. These species often include owls, hawks, coyotes, bobcats, foxes and even cougars. 

According to Pet Poison Helpline, human medication such as Tylenol or Advil can be harmful to pets. Also human food (grapes, onions or garlic), insecticides, rodenticides, dietary supplement and vitamins (iron or vitamin D) are harmful to pets.

Exposure to certain substances can make species more susceptible to diseases, reduce food in-take, lower immune system, and toxins stored in liver tissue.

Another way to stay safe is to keep all chemicals, household cleaners, medicines and potential poisonous substances in locked cabinets or out of the reach of children, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration.

An Integrated Pest Management program to control undesirable insects and rodents includes proper sanitation methods, trapping and habitat modification. Biological control methods use natural enemies to control pests (predatory insects such as lady beetles, lacewings) and parasitic wasps. Important plant pollinators may also be reduced by herbicides and insecticides. Beneficial insects are attracted to areas containing blooming plants throughout the growing season. Native plant species are particularly suited to local insect populations.

Keepers of the Wild will have poison prevention materials for visitors during Poison Prevention week.

– Daily Miner reporter Vanessa Espinoza contributed to this report.


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