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Rants & Raves | March 18, 2018

Why we march: You march because you’re ill informed. AR 15’s aren’t assault rifles; more die from pistols, knifes, clubs, hammers and beatings. Everyone ignored this Panama shooters mental problems. And the cops didn’t enter the school to take the shooter out.

Letter to the editor. These “rights” have been legally interpreted: George Mason: “I ask you sir, who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people.” (Elliott, Debates, 425-426)”

Maybe the writer needs to read the Federalist Papers on the Constitution.

County supervisors add $20,000 for Mohave Valley water fight: Which means yet again we will spend money for the wrong fix. Stop farming and ranching and you will have water. Make them pay $100,000 per year impact fee and they will run out of here.

Dear Gun Control Supporter: Gianluca- We’ve heard it all before. Give us a real solution.

Dear Second Amendment enthusiast: Really liked the viewpoint by the Johnsons. A calm and rational look at gun control. There is a middle ground on this subject, but it just appears that people like fighting so much, they leave little room for compromise.

How much do you tip: Depending on the service, anyone who tips less than 20 percent to 25 percent is a cheapskate. It is not the waitresses fault if the cooking is bad, leave your regular tip then complain to management about the quality of the food.

Dear Second Amendment enthusiast: The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, no where in there, it’s protection from tyranny. The “People” are the Militia, it was the “People” who first stood against it. ARMS is not just a musket. Place blame where it belongs, the person.

How much do you tip: The server’s wages shouldn’t be depended on tips! If fast food facilities pay the minimum wage requirements why isn’t sit down facilities under the same guidelines?

Stuff-It Burger: Wish these folks good luck, but I don’t understand why it took six months driving around Kingman to find a location. Then again, if I’d spent longer checking out the place, I’d be writing from the Pacific Northwest now.

Concerns raised about appearances: Good grief! Worried about the appearance of tiny homes? Have you seen the broken down wrecks called houses that already exist in our city and county?

Havasupai children write letters to Trump, asking for end to canyon mining: Nice story that means nothing. If the right people want mining it will happen. Does not matter who is in office. Left or right does not matter. Only the way they go about it.

John L Micek column ‘You sit in a corner and pray you don’t get shot': Or you can hope you are not killed by a texting and driving teen. One of 11 killed every day. Yet I do not sit in a corner, afraid to drive. Stricter laws and less whining would help.

Buster Johnson and zero based budgeting: There is a reason zero based budgeting is not used, its cumbersome and pretty well useless, 85 percent of budgets are non-discretionary. This just shows that Buster is too lazy to read the budget and ask questions.

Editorial on letter, Don’t let politics ruin friendships: This editorial is doubly straight out of the Bible. St. Paul, in his effort to be more “bipartisan” and help prevent splits in the Church, advocates being “all things to all people”. I Corinthians 9:22. i.e. Not “in your face.”

Judge allows more time for Daniel Stuart: Don’t you think this man has suffered enough knowing he has lost his son?

Husband dies a week after Golden Valley fire claims his wife: What a tragedy that the Golden Valley mobile home fire has now taken it’s second victim. I noticed that there was no mention of how the fire started. Is it unknown at this time?

Buddy Wallace murder trial: Why does it take 2 years and 9 months to get a confessed murderer to trial? I am asking you Judge Lambert and County Attorney Smith. The only answer I can find is incompetence!

Wells Fargo closing downtown branch: Wells Fargo put no thought in deciding to close the downtown branch or its customers. It’s all about the bottom line. Way to go Wells Fargo! It would make more sense to close the branch in Smith’s rather than downtown.

Kingman VA Clinic takes care of veterans’ medical needs: I have talked to vets who served two years with no service connected injuries who believe they are “owed” for the rest of their lives. I am embarrassed by them and their treatment of staff.

New tastes of Kingman: Dairy Queen? Dunkin' Donuts? Did I just die and go to heaven? The only thing better would be a Dillards next to the DQ and a Marshall’s next to the Dunkin' Donuts. I’m just sayin’.


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