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Wed, Dec. 11

Letter | Respecting other’s viewpoints is the solution

"Don't let politics ruin friendships" editorial (March 11) was excellent. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." While these words have been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, he was of course quoting the words of Christ, upon whose name Christianity is based.

The reference for that editorial was the published letter from David Travis on Jan. 23 entitled, “Political division ended what was a blossoming friendship.”

The Miner editorial itself contains the remedy to the situation, where it says "One great way to learn how to hang out with people who act like they don’t have opposing views is to visit a kindergarten class. Those children show us every day how to get along without reservation."

Applying this in real life, the four of them should sit down together, with one speaking and three listening. The one recounts some of their first school experiences from a time before they had any political persuasion one way or another.

Then they move forward in time to the present, where they recount any and everything that was done or said as they were growing up that influenced them to think the way they do. Everyone else listens with rapt attention.

Each in turn does this with a quiet, respectful audience, listening to how family and school influences affected the speaker's thinking. If everyone is paying attention, they will probably come to a realization along the lines of, "Wow! If I'd had an uncle like that, with such strong opinions about politics, I'd probably feel that way, too."

Don't expect anyone to switch parties during these interchanges, just learn to understand and respect the other person's viewpoint. The solution to the "problem" is right there in the editorial.

Best wishes to the four of you, and I'm sure that if you do decide to try this, Daily Miner readers such as myself would be very interested in hearing how it went. Especially if all four members allow it to work for the better.

You can do this.

Norman Swartz Kingman Resident

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