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Wed, April 24

Letter | When our water is gone

Kingmanites, when our water is gone it's gone, not “if” but “when.”

When it's gone there will be no more Kingman with people, it will be "The Ghost City of Kingman." Nothing worth staying for. Without water we're dead! You wouldn't be able to sell your home for $100.

I read about a study taken a few years back concerning our groundwater supply and its lifespan. If I remember correctly, the study said that based on the present population and expected growth we had approximately 100 years of groundwater remaining. Our use was approximately 23,000 acre feet per year and natural replenishment was about 15,000, a deficit of 8,000 acre feet.

That was before the advent of big agriculture coming in and sinking wells that produce 3,000 gallons per minute. I have no idea how many of those wells are in production, but each pump gushing forth that much water per minute (4.3 million gallons per day) equals 13.25 acre feet each day. That's 2,425 acre feet in a six month season, for each pump.

Now what is the deficit? The figures are mind boggling.

We need to support our State Representative, Regina Cobb, in her efforts to pry the ineffective Arizona Department of Water Resources off their rear ends and get some sort of control on water usage around here. If we don't get some action soon we're down the drain along with the water, so to speak.

Don Whitman

Kingman resident


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