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Wed, Oct. 23

Children need reassurance when it comes to sexual abuse

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Growing up in Kingman was fun for me. I had most of my family close by and friends who lived on my block. And I liked school. While most kids hated going to school, I was one of the few that actually enjoyed going. I got to see my friends all day long, I did well in school and was liked most of my teachers. And as most children and teens do, I had crushes on a couple of male teachers, and a son of one of my teachers (LOL). I never acted on those "crushes" and never even thought about doing so.

In my opinion, that's just wrong and disgusting.

I say this because I just read yet another article about a female teacher in Arizona that was fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a sixth-grade male student. How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does an adult, whether they are a teacher or not, look at a child and think, "I want that?”

I'm baffled folks. It blows my mind and angers me. Just like the MARRIED 40-something-year-old man in New Jersey who was having an affair with his 16-year-old student and ran to Mexico with her. There is a special place in hell for these deranged, disgusting, and pedophile sickos.

I never heard of a teacher having a relationship with their student while living in Kingman during my school years. I never even heard of that from anywhere else either.

I did not watch the news growing up until Desert Storm while I in high school. Children are supposed to be just that, children, not someone's fantasy. And definitely not an adult's relationship partner. That's called molestation and rape, and it needs to stop.

I know it won't because there is always going to be another person who harms a child in this manner by brainwashing a child into believing it's OK and to not tell their parents. But parents need to speak to their children more on this topic, and let them know this is not OK and if an adult tries anything of the sort with them, they ARE and NEED to tell their parents, a school counselor, even someone in their church if they go.

Just let your children know they won't be in trouble, nothing will happen to their family, and only the adult in the situation is wrong and will be punished for their actions.

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