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Mon, July 15

Teachers should get what they deserve

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First off, let me say that I have the utmost respect for all teachers.

I not only have family who are teachers, but friends as well. My own sixth-grade teacher was the most amazing person I knew growing up.

That being said, those who go into teaching as a career do not expect to make a great living. I believe for a college-educated person, teaching is one of the lowest payouts you can expect. When you try to balance the cost of that education with a teacher’s salary, it is pretty sad.

However, teachers do not make much no matter what state they are in. When you compare an Arizona teacher’s pay with other states you have to realize what the cost of living is while making that comparison. The amount collected in property taxes has a great effect on teacher salaries.

When I owned a home in Washington, I seemed to be paying a higher mortgage every year. They were passing "school bonds" often. My house payment went up many times, and I had no children in school at that time.

I know that teachers spend a lot of their own money on classroom supplies. In Washington, each child was sent home with a list as long as your arm of what they had to bring to school. The school did not even provide a pencil. Those who had several kids in school often had a difficult time keeping up with all the things they were required to send with their children to class.

At one time, the school custodian was making more per hour than the teachers. I had to wonder just who was managing the money. And all the lottery promises? We learned that the money was actually going into a "general fund" that did include money for schools, but very little.

I know there are many dedicated, wonderful teachers who are working two jobs to get by. Just imagine spending all that money on a college education, and soon finding out you could barely scratch out a living. Like many things in our world, none of this seems right.

We all need to support our teachers and make sure they get what they deserve.


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