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Mon, June 17

Where's the family tradition?

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Is there no longer any family tradition left?

Those wonderful holidays we spent at Grandma's house are just memories now. Sure, we are still hanging on to the special Christmas ornament or table cloth. Does anybody really do that these days?

I know that I kept some pretty special items from both my parents. I actually have two small boxes in my closet of some personal things of theirs. I have my parents’ last driver’s license, and my dad's glasses. Is that weird?

I have their marriage license from 1939 along with a handwritten love letter that Dad wrote to Mom in 1938. Maybe I am just sentimental and not everyone is.

Every now and then I take the boxes out and look at their stuff. Even though it still makes me sad, I like to touch and remember. It seems that over the years I have given away, broke, or maybe even lost some of the things I had of theirs. Not anything that belongs in the two little boxes, of course.

As we get older, things wear out, just like we do. My daughter-in-law decorates the crap out of her house on every occasion. She often includes things that belonged to her mother. I am sure she has passed down certain items to her own daughter.

Recently I took apart all my old photo albums. I had already scanned most of them and added them to the computer. I still do keep the most special ones on the wall, close to me.

There are many people who just like to "travel light." I remember my oldest brother once saying, "If it doesn't fit in my car, I don't need it." But alas, in the end he did become much more sentimental. In fact, his daughter found all sorts of things he had saved. From Father's Day cards to copies of school report cards. He appears to have gotten more this way, as the years passed. With this new generation of adults, I have to wonder if some of this sentiment will just go away. Will they still save those old cards and notes? Will they continue to share holidays together?

Or will all this sentiment just become part of the "olden days?"


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