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Rants & Raves | May 6, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Affordable housing: I have worked with Section 8 as a landlord. Tenants who have not personally invested enough in their deposit or monthly rent and feel entitled are not good risks. Tenants who have a work ethic are more responsible.

Calling all Americans: This letter is packed with misinformation. The ACA would have been alive and well if it had not been for the conservative Republican Party of “no” and their blocking it at every opportunity.

Calling all Americans: I am still trying to figure out why those on Medicaid are getting better care than those of us who are paying. No referrals needed, and unlimited doctor visits. Perhaps that is what needs to be looked at, now.

Affordable housing: Subsidized housing is a win, win for landlords. The only drawback I see are the standards they are required to keep the property up too. And of course, if they decide they can get more rent with an open rental market.

Calling all Americans: About ACA, Social Security and Socialism: Trying to put the blame for all our ills on the Democrats, right? Republicans are just as corrupt when receiving government programs and handouts.

Calling all Americans: Why do people think that Americans should settle for far less than other developed countries have in terms of healthcare, education, paid leave, etc.? Socialism and democratic socialism are not the same things. Quit drinking the Koch/Mercer Kool Aid.

Trump’s new Stormy story: “Stormy” is such a nothingburger. Real story. The president doesn’t work at the behest of Mueller. Why aren’t Comey, Mueller, Clapper, Hillary, Lynch and dozens more in jail? Why were Manafort and Cohen treated with stormtrooper tactics? Mueller’s wrecking lives.

Kelli Ward first to file for seat Flake’s seat: I am so excited to see Kelli Ward on top. I support her 500 percent. People across Arizona are excited that she will be representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate. She is a class act.

City vs. KAA: The airport will be going downhill ever faster now that the city is in charge.

White House Correspondent’s Dinner comedian: The new WHCD low. Supposed comedian Michele Wolf included F-bombs, body part remarks, hatred for Trump, a total attack on press secretary Sara Sanders (sitting next to her) and abortion remarks (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it). Deplorable!

Obituary | Mikel Rea Davis: Heroine, woman admired for her courage, achievements, and noble qualities. Mikel was all those things plus, a labor leader in a nearly all-male factory for years, a modern day Kingman pioneer whose legacy will live on. Peace to Richard and family.

Mayor election: Gates and Miles are taking part in the legal smoke in Nevada if they think they have a snowballs chance of getting the mayor’s seat.

Smut night at the press dinner: Smut? Like when Trump said to grab ‘em by or bleeding out of her whatever? When he made comments about Foriena? When he paid off the porn star? What?

KAOL reopens school Monday: Praise to the administration and faculty of Kingman Academy of Learning for only taking one day for their walkout. They have shown it is important to view one’s opinion and still make sure our students spend their days in class.

Website used in serial killer probe wasn’t contacted by cops: I have suspected from the first TV ad for DNA services was that the government would eventually get their hands on your DNA and do whatever they want to with it.

KAOL reopens school Monday: Evidently KAOL teachers don’t understand what a union is for. All teachers should have been united in this fight, not going to back to work after one lousy day of protesting.

Hilltop renovation: I love this story. Best wishes with the renovation. If you get discouraged, watch a few old Chip and Jo TV shows from Waco. They’ve renovated everything including a falling down barn into a beautiful house. Such fun.

A place to visit but not to live: I grew up here in the 1940s/50s. It was a wonderful, close knit town; even had gentler breeds of dogs. Everyone knew, liked, helped everyone else. Rodeos, dances, ball clubs, etc., brought us together. And we were a tourist town.

Ducey denounces group’s behavior after posing with it at Kingman event: “Patriots” don’t make white power hand gestures. The Republicans need to get a hold of their party and ban people that are racists.

#RedforEd: If AZ truly is 28th in cost of living as the writer claims, the teachers here are 49th in pay. No, the teachers are not asking too much.

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