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Thu, Sept. 19

Letter | Now Council wants fireworks?

I’d like to say I don’t believe this, however, nothing the City Council (aka City Clowns) does surprises me.

Now they want to spend $25,000 on fireworks for the Fourth of July. I am just as much a patriot as the majority of people, but this city needs a lot of things such as repairing our streets with something other than playdough before we spend $25,000 on fireworks that simply go up in smoke in less than an hour.

This City Council spent $10,000 on a stupid lizard that you have to hunt to find, which means tourists will never find it, and if they do they will wonder what possessed this city to buy it.

The clowns also want to waste our money on a “Welcome Arch.” I never heard of anyone taking a vacation to see a “Welcome Arch.” Again, a waste of our taxpayers’ money. These clowns also want to OK the building of tiny houses. That is just plain stupid, which is par for the course for this group.

Kingman needs a lot of things to attract people to move here, like good paved streets and clean empty lots, instead of trash all over the place.

What does it take to remind City Council that they work for the people of Kingman, not the other way around. My 12-year-old great-niece has a lot more sense than this whole group put together.

We should throw out the whole City Council, starting with the mayor who has done more damage this time in office than she did the last time, and that was pretty bad. Throw the whole bunch out and start anew.

We can’t do any worse.

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