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Rants & Raves | May 13, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Buried grenade found on Hearne Avenue: A gernade was found buried? After two human bodies were found on Lass here in Kingman, this is no big deal.

Beloved Tucson zoo elephant dies suddenly of ‘twisted gut’: What a sad loss of that beautiful young elephant. Good to know that at least he was not performing in a circus act when he passed away. I believe that the doctors did everything they could to save him.

KPD officer involved in fatal shooting in February cleared of any wrongdoing: Flawed attempt at an investigation. Did Shoppmann watch the video? The cop said Weber pointed a gun at him and that’s why he shot him. Weber never pointed a gun at anyone. Shoppmann failed the public’s safety on this.

Friends of “Santa” set up fund for new keyboard: This is a very nice gesture but wouldn’t he be better off with a roof over his head than a keyboard?

Kingman struggling to contain cargo containers: I don’t want to live in NYC or Chicago. Bend, Oregon, one of the fastest growing, most successful and most beautiful cities in the U.S. allows them. They also allow tiny houses. NIMBY never works if you want real growth.

KPD officer involved in fatal shooting: This was the correct ruling, he should have exited his residence unarmed. Why do the elderly around here feel a need to be waiving their guns around?

Still #RedforEd: Home schooling parents pay taxes that support education. Households without children pay taxes that support education. “Public money” comes from private taxpayers’ pockets. The only money that government has is money it has taken from people who earned it.

Detainees Head Home: And without pallets of money. While Korean, these men are U.S. citizens, educated in U.S., Christians (a pastor and a missionary); two taught at Christian founded University in NKorea but they all live in China. Strange.

Gov. Ducey doesn’t want to raise taxes to finance education: Teachers want to single out high-income earners because they think these people owe them their money? High earners have every right to their income the same as you. Stop picking other peoples pockets and figure out another way.

Planners recommend Sundance heliport in White Hills: What a lovely tribute the Mohave County P&Z Commission paid tribute to Paul Selberg. He was a wonderful man professionally and personally. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Kingman Airport: So the city has started clean up at the airport, what about the rest of the city? For example, Sycamore Avenue? That’s been torn up for about six weeks. When is that going to be finished?

Miner Editorial | Red light cameras or not, something has to be done: Add one second to the yellow intervals to permanently reduce violations by more than red light cameras can achieve. Other simple engineering changes reduce crashes by more than cameras. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

Trump withdraws us from horrible Iran deal: Thank you President Trump. Nov 4 is “Death to America” day in Iran, but they burn our flag and shout death to America after every religious service. Where did Obama get the “not unauthorized by Congress” billions he gave Iran?

KRMC receives safety rating of C: If KRMC rating went from a D to a C that is improvement. Remember there is no competition. If it can improve again then it would be a very positive trend.

Councilman Stuart Yocum needs to resign and Council needs to lead: Hooray for the Daily Miner Editorial Board, standing up for us by asking for the resignation of Stuart Yocum. They should demand it. The entire Council is a disgrace. As new residents of this fair city, we now demand it.

Kelli Ward: Ward brought members of the ADEQ to address the “serious” issue of chemtrails poisoning the air over Golden Valley. The ADEQ has no say on overflights of the state. Ward was a big mistake, period. Never again.

Councilman Stuart Yocum needs to resign and Council needs to lead: He’s only following suit. Prime example is what we have as a president who consistently lies to the public. It seems to be the way of the “new” GOP.

Councilman Stuart Yocum needs to resign and Council needs to lead: Kudos to the Miner for telling it like it is. This guy needs to find a real job, but I don’t want him on City Council.

Stuart Yocum should resign: The mayor and City Council should boot Stuart Yocum out of his seat on Council. If he were a city employee he would have been gone long ago. He should have already resigned from the position.

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