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Sun, Oct. 20

Remember and cherish Mom

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So I ask you, how many times can you write about Mother's Day? As many times as you think of your mother, I would guess.

Who does not have vivid memories of Mom? Maybe Mom did not raise you, and perhaps it was your grandma instead. Being a mother to someone does not always mean you gave birth to them. Often times, it is someone you called "Mom" for most of your life. There are some people who had a mother figure who was not related to them at all. In any case, we celebrate this special day with those who have mothered us.

If your mother is gone, as so many people my age have known this loss, we still think of Mama. Even if your memories of your mother are not all good, that's OK. Maybe she wasn't perfect, but neither are you. The bond between mother and child is not always the same. For some, the closeness lasts a lifetime, and for others they drift apart.

Sometimes when we become mothers-in law, our babies will lean toward the new family. I believe it is the sons who are most likely to bond with their spouse's side of the family. I am not sure why that is.

Even if your time spent with your mother does dwindle, she will often still be the one you go to in times of need. Whether it be moral support, money, or just a kind word. You know Mom will be there for you. At least for as long as she can.

Is it wrong to be a "Mama's boy?" I don't see a problem. My mother often said, “When your kids are grown up, they just have more grown up problems. But they never really stop needing you.”

As the years pass, we seem to remember more and more of the things our mother's used to say. Too bad we did not listen the first time around. Instead, we had to make our own mistakes and learn everything the hard way. Such is life in the real world.

What you might remember most about your Mom could be her smile, her laugh, or your favorite foods she cooked and baked. It could the feeling of her arms around you when she comforted you during a difficult time. Even in the animal world, the mother-child bond is there. Sometimes only for a while, and other times for a lifetime.

We will often read a story about a duck who thinks its owner is Mama. Something about the first face they connect with after they are born. We see newborn animals at a zoo and are often taken back by the instant mother-child bond. Then again, we may see an animal that will reject its own, for reasons we may never understand.

So, as another Mother's Day arrives, take the time to remember the ones who are gone and cherish those who are still here.

Happy Mother's Day

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