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Sat, March 23

Letter | Stop taxing us

Many of the citizens of Kingman are upset with the 1 percent sales tax increase in Kingman. It was implemented by City Council without allowing feedback from the citizens. Because of this, they had to correct this with a special meeting. At the meeting, a few people protested the tax along with several businesses. They didn’t change Council’s minds. They passed the tax unchanged.

A petition was started to repeal the tax and put it on the ballot so the people could vote for or against the tax. The people would like to know just how the extra tax money will be used. How much will go to fixing the streets or for fire and police department improvements?

Also many people who shop here in Kingman are upset with this higher tax. They have no say about the tax, but spend their money here. It’s just not fair, they said.

I know it’s only 1 percent. This is hard for low-income families and senior citizens.

Is this what our forefathers wanted when they decided to form our country? Let us remember the Boston Tea Party in December of 1773. The people acted because of unfair taxes on tea. So here we are, back to unfair taxes and the people have no say. Taking away our rights to vote on these matters is a disservice to the people’s rights. We should have a say in what our cities, counties, states and federal government do when it takes our money for whatever they want.

When will they stop taxing us?


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