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Rants & Raves | May 20, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Western Arizona eyed as water source for major metro areas: I find it interesting that Lois Wakimoto is appointed to County supervisor and already $250,000 of our money has been dedicated to preserving Wakimoto Farms’ interests. I’m all for preserving our water and way of life, but it’s still ironic.

Council Stuart Yocum needs to resign and Council needs to lead: Background checks for city council candidates should be the norm. It would take less than $100, a SS#, Driver’s License number, full name and signature of candidate giving permission. We, the citizens of Kingman, should have access to this information.

Affordable Housing: Section 8 is primarily a win-win for the tenant. He gets inexpensive housing on the tax payer’s, read landlord’s, dime and landlord financed periodic house cleaning before each inspection since section 8 tenants usually don’t take responsibility for house cleaning.

First marijuana dispensary opens in Kingman city limits: Weed, the stepchild to heroin.

A day for Mom: What a lovely story and photos of Mothers and Children in our community. I might add that they are great families too!!

NACFD gets water tender: It took less than 15 months for Chief Eder to undo what the former Chief destroyed in his 8 years. Proper leadership really makes a difference. Perhaps he can salvage the $500,000 “white elephant” the other chief left us.

Arpaio comes to Kingman: Dems are not anti gun. Joe was convicted of a felony. The pardon does not matter. Why are the Repubs glorifying someone like this? Sad!

World War II veteran proud of liberating Dachau prisoners: Thank you Gilbert De la O for your service to our country, as well as your part in the liberation of a center of pure evil. Without selfless people like you, we would not be the country we are today!

World War II Veteran: God bless you both, Mr. De la O. You’re right. They’re God’s chosen people. You obviously are too. I had uncles with similar stories. We can’t even imagine the horrors. Thank you for your service to America and to God.

Arizona effort to tax rich draws biz concerns: “Rich” people probably worked every day for years without guaranteed raises, vacations, benefits, a set salary or a even the surety of a job. They very likely risked a lot to be “rich.” They deserve our thanks for paying taxes.

Arpaio comes to Kingman: Republicans no longer own the title “conservative” because of people like him. Law and order has not gone out of style but racism has.

Traffic cams on Stockton Hill: Often when I need to go into town it seems like all 30,000 residents of Kingman are on Stockton Hill all at once. When I watch the flow, a lot of the problems are with right turns into the businesses.

Hilton opens extended stay hotel: How is Detroit Avenue going to handle the increased traffic flow? Was there a traffic study done?

Rescuing Willow: I LOVED the article about Willow. I might add that I’ve owned two Queensland Heelers and they are extremely intelligent and LOYAL.

Game cameras wouldn’t be needed if hunting basics were utilized: Mr. Cave is so correct suggesting that these so called “hunting guides” learn to how to track an animal instead of relying on a cell phone app to notify them of game in the area. Give the animals a break!!

Timothy Gill Obituary: Rest in peace Tim. Tim and siblings were nice classmates. As a little girl, I always visited with Tim’s father at the Court House where he worked for years as did my mother. Blessings and prayers in your loss.

Hemp Farm Under Development in Golden Valley: For the record, I found the article very interesting and the project timely, and beneficial for the area and an opportunity for veterans. I’m interested. Thanks.

Woman, 92, in Saturday’s Harrison Street crash dies: At first I just assumed the 92 year old driver probably caused this accident. Just goes to show that none of us should just assume, without the facts first.

Unemployed must accept job in 4 weeks or lose benefits: Out of touch as usual. Did anyone research how long it takes to find a job? Four weeks is not enough time to get a job that can support a household. Min wage, maybe.

Hemp Farm Under Development in Golden Valley: I like the hemp and veterans idea. But I am sick of outsiders grabbing water in the desert. Wake up people.

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