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Mon, Aug. 19

Letter | Russian invasion

America has been invaded by Russia and not one shot was fired.

They captured the White House in a coup by a crooked businessman, who conned his voters into believing he was a successful businessman. Trump is six times bankrupted, working on his seventh bankruptcy now.

A paper empire needing a cash induction which, if one believes the news, a Russian connected German bank is funneling them Russian funds to him and his family.

How did “Lincoln’s Party” come to this disgrace? When all is said and done Trump will be the modern day version of Benedict Arnold, and a Russian version of the Manchurian Candidate. “No collusion” is his rant, before that “no meetings with Russians” until it was proven a lie.

A criminal conspiracy to defraud America has occurred and some of Trump’s fans just are not able to see it. Others refuse to see it as long as he can bring back them good ole days of Jim Crow.


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