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Mon, Sept. 23

Letter | Calling all Americans: We lost the power of the vote

Hello to all Americans, young and old alike. At no other time has politics been so one sided against our president and it all came about from false, fabricated and Clinton-Obama created documents. Furthermore, it seems like it’s coming from all sides of the political spectrum. It has been revealed and proven that there never was a Russian document or Russian collusion with Trump back in 2017. It was in fact, the Clintons and former President Obama who had committed unlawful trade deals with Russia, but they had to cover that fact up fast when Donald Trump won on the presidency.

What troubles me more about politics is that we have lost the power of our vote. This should be a real concern for all Americans. It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Peace & Freedom, Green, etc. In any election, one will be elected and the others will try again at another time, if they choose. There should not be any retaliation by any side or threats thrown about to whom we voted for. The younger generation and children do not know any history or how government works. After all, they only knew Obama for last eight years and he “acted real cool.”

You may not like the outcome, but we were adult about it to let it play out. Government worked for the people and saw some good come from every elected president. Some had feelings that George W. Bush should not have had a second term, yet he won. Some had beliefs that Obama should not have had a second term, yet he did. He had to win to continue the “Common Core” and the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Do you know what all that gave us? It gave us less education for our children in our schools, who can’t write in cursive or read, and less medical care but more expensive costs for most of us. The majority of Americans voted for Trump and the bureaucrats holding office are working hard to eliminate our vote. This is not the American way.

That’s exactly what government is trying to overturn – our vote.

The senators and representatives in all parties are negating the people’s vote of whom we chose as president. The elected Democrat senators and representatives of each state voted against everything that President Trump offered that would create new jobs, tax reform, education, and safety. Now let us think: jobs, tax reforms, education and safety would benefit all Americans, don’t you think? Should only the Republican Americans get these benefits and leave out the Democrat Americans, which their representatives did not vote on? Maybe the elected Democrats in House and Senate should not get any benefit from what our president has done so far since they did not vote to pass those items? Do you think they are working for the people – all Americans? I think not. Once you become president, you become America’s president; that is for all Americans. Why don’t the Democrats speak out against what their senators and reps are doing against them? Instead, more fake news goes on and on. There is a litany of successes by President Trump for all Americans.

I am calling out to all senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., to stop this ruthless, insane, and discrediting of President Trump and start working on reasonable issues for the good of all Americans. Don’t you see the danger in this? Others, who call themselves Americans, want and continue to make false accusations, cause riots, incite violence and they feel protected by the First Amendment. Wrong. They are not protected by this amendment. In fact, no constitutional amendment protects criminals and traitors.

Joe Biden is also telling interviewers that Trump’s supporters are not the working class or the black populations. What? He brought back more jobs for the “working class” than any other president. He is cleaning up the corruption and gangs in many inner cities across the U.S. If you are a Democrat, you should be ashamed of your elected senators and representatives because they certainly do not have your best interest at heart.

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