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Rants and Raves | May 27, 2018

NCFD board: The appointment of Berg and Hays is illegal as there is no quorum. Also Hays does not live in the district and both he and Berg have hidden conflicts of interest. More corruption sponsored by NACFD and the County BOS.

Councilman Stuart Yocum’s DUI: In all the Miner stories about this, I did not once see that he was under the legal limit of .08. Might as well close all the bars in town if you can’t even have a beer with your sandwich.

On the KART issue: Rather expensive for seniors (especially if it’s husband and wife) with very limited income! What about the disabled? Is there any discount? These are your main riders.

Miltary banners downtown: Love the military honor banners in downtown Kingman. It’s a great way for a community to show their respect for the military. Thanks for reminding us of the sacrifice each soldier, sailor or airman gives to keep us safe.

Kingman court offers solutions to those who can’t afford fees: The added bonus to community service in lieu of fines is the pride in seeing a job well done each time they drive by the same spot. This is a great idea!

Build bridges, not walls: Thank you, Ronney. Finally, someone with some sense. Wish you were running for office.

NACFD fire chief feels pressure from board, expects to be fired: A fire chief serves at the pleasure of the board. Fire him if you wish, but disparaging him can cost you big bucks. There is ample case law in Arizona. Board members can be sued, and be held personally liable.

Fight for Arizona education isn’t over: Come election time, remember the Arizona politicians in their cushy government jobs who didn’t support “RedforEd.”

Kingman court offers solutions to those who can’t afford fees: Bravo, Judge Singer. Something that makes sense; can help clean up Kingman and just might give those doing the work some pride in what they’re doing. And in the end, save some money. A winner any way you cut it.

Outbreak of zombie homes: Butler is the poorest community in all of Arizona per Forbes magazine. Mohave County needs to own that and find a way to change it. Zombie homes have nothing to do with it.

Outbreak of zombie homes: I literally had to buy the property next to me to get the squatters out. Drugs, fighting, working on cars all hours. No squatters rights? Sure. 2 1/2 years I lived with it and nothing was done.

Letter to the Editor | Russian invasion: Thank you, Ralph. I am sure you will catch flack, but at least we can still voice our opinions in this country.

Reporting on the Trump administration: Reporting news on Trump is not hating him. It is some effort to maintain the First Amendment. We are rapidly slipping into a society similar to Nazi Germany. Ignore it at your own peril.

State education superintendent has evolution on her hit list: America is behind other nations in education, specifically science and math. People like her are the reason why. Put an end to this nonsense and make sure kids have a better education.

Curbside recycling program: I guess I do not understand why we cannot have recycling picked up at our homes once a week and trash once a week here in the City. It makes no sense. We seriously need to think about our environment.

Tiny homes: I would hope that Kingman will understand soon that smaller homes are the wave of the future. Other small towns have, and it will help the economy.

Trump cancels Summit: More misinformation from Trump. Kim Jong Un had already complained about the U.S. and South Korean military exercises that were going to happen, saying they could effect any summit talks.

Alarming drought conditions hit U.S. Southwest: Before the Griffith Energy Plant was being built, we begged and pleaded with Supervisor Buster Johnson to only allow the “dry cool” method, to no avail. I guess we could see further in to the future than he could.

We lost the power of the vote: Tell me again who won the popular vote in this latest presidential election?

Trump directive to Department of Justice: Mueller’s problem, he still thinks the President serves at his behest. I’ve never seen such corruption nor lives ruined by the left for no good reason except they cannot accept that Donald Trump won. Hope many end up in orange.

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