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Mon, April 22

Dear Abby | Mom’s peaceful death leads to sibling war over her house

Dear Abby: My mom recently passed away at 91.

After Mom’s funeral, my brother insisted he would move into her house while he remodeled it, which could tie up the house for a year. It made no sense to me. I am Mom’s executor, and I felt it was unfair to me and my other brother. When I said no, he got really angry, accused me of many mean, untrue things and announced that he disowned me.

The pain of losing my mom and my brother has been awful. I don’t respond to anything negative he writes. Have you some advice on how to repair our relationship? – Double Loss in California

Dear Double Loss: Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your mother. Not knowing your brother or the degree to which he is self-centered, I’m having trouble understanding his overreaction. Was he desperate for a place to stay for a year?

I wish you had mentioned what your other brother thinks about this regrettable situation and whether he, too, was disowned. If he and your angry sibling are on speaking terms, perhaps he can help to mend fences. Sometimes time heals these kinds of wounds, once grief lessens and people regain their perspective.

Dear Abby: “Addicted in Kansas City” (Aug. 24) asked you for secular alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous. There are parts of your response that I feel need clarification.

First of all, AA doesn’t require lifetime attendance at meetings. AA doesn’t “require” anything. Many people continue to go to meetings one or more times a week, while others stop or go only occasionally after a period of time.

The other point is tougher – and perhaps more subtle. AA encourages individuals trying to get sober to find a “God of their own understanding,” a Higher Power, something bigger than themselves. Many agnostics and atheists get and stay sober in AA.

AA is a spiritual program, not a religious one. This can be a difficult concept for people who are just coming in. That’s one of the reasons AA encourages anyone new to attend different meetings. – Sober and Happy in Atlanta

Dear Sober: Thank you for writing to clarify this. However, there are different programs (different strokes for different folks), which is why I also encourage anyone trying to achieve sobriety to research and explore the alternatives.


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