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Rants & Raves | Nov. 4, 2018

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Birdland Funding: How wonderful that some funding is now available for home repair in Birdland. It is a win-win for everyone. Not just the homeowners.

Kids and immunizations: How can they possibly keep up with the number of shots required when they keep adding new ones? Just don’t imply that these kids are healthier. That is just untrue.

When we broaden the definition of incitement; freedom suffers: Ben Shapiro is a columnist who delights in twisting truth. He is a person who uses words skillfully to advance Alt Right ideology. Incitement to violence is incitement to violence, plain and simple; the result is carnage and death.

Christian Woman Asia Bibi Released in Pakistan: Thrilled that Asia has been released after a decade in prison for simply offering Muslim women a drink of water. President Trump’s Attorney, Jay Sekulow, has worked long and hard on this case. This is a real asylum case.

Councilman Travis Lingenfelter again facing recall: $100,000 for a recall? Why don’t you spend sums like that on trying to save our schools instead of a silly recall?

Cash from outside groups supporting Ducey: The rich and privileged will always win. Ducey is a prime example of this.

Trump support baffling: Let’s face it. We are dealing with a 10 year old (Trump) in the White House.

Out of state developer buying control: Sunbelt partner Lenhart invested money into Miles for Mayor and lawsuit to stop Prop 413.Now invested $30,000 in a campaign to defeat Prop 413. “Yes” on Prop 413 will return Council’s accountability to the people, not an out-of-state developer.

United States Senators: United States Senators should be intelligent, honest, have strong moral principles and above all integrity. Sinema and McSally have done nothing but have a huge cat fight for several months. Disgraceful. I cannot respect either of them. We should all vote for the third candidate.

Pentagon sending 5,200 troops to border week before midterms: Oh boy. A welcoming committee over 5,000 strong to ask the invaders, “OK, welcome to the United States of America. What part of the country would you like to settle in while we review your case? East Coast? Pacific Northwest? ...”

Vote with your conscience: The N in Nazi is for Nationalist. Also democrats are not socialists nor are they dangerous. This man has been duped by ambitious politicians who have nothing to offer, so they offer fear and hatred. Vote with your brain.

Rescued miner: The miner who was rescued? On his own property, and with a large sign that indicated it was not safe and should not be entered. Am I the only one who saw a problem with this?

Bomb Suspect; Trump Devotion: Headlining this man’s story with “Trump Devotion” is ridiculous. We’re so weary of the Trump Blame Game. This man’s father deserted him; he spent his life looking for a place to fit in. He also delved into Nazism, KKK, etc.

Shooting victims remembered; their loss is incalculable: We, the people, must demand that our leaders denounce and condemn hate groups and the rising tide of white nationalist/supremacist groups. This horrific mass killing in Pittsburgh, while people were worshiping, is the result of incivility and lack of leadership.

Column | Trump betrayed: Why does the left consistently believe an accusation before any evidence has been collected? A president or any upper level person in any organization needs to see the evidence before jumping to conclusions.

A personal word of thanks to the Editors of the KDM: A heartfelt thank you for adding this Rant-Rave section to our local newspaper. It increases the value of our family-town newspaper tremendously. And please, I’m still stumping for (18 years now) Mr. Boffo cartoon strip in the newspaper before I die.

Representation for suspect in Walmart suitcase incident withdraws: What a sad story. If money has been returned with interest, then state should drop all charges. If she’s willing, let him work it off for her, for as long as it takes to make full restitution and a new friendship! Non-criminal.

Responders: Fabulous recognition for First Responders ... This is for the world over. Without them a lot of people would be dead or maimed. Animals, too. Thank you and bless you all.

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