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Thu, April 25

Community View | ‘No’ on 413: Let’s stop talking and do something

Councilman Travis Lingenfelter

Councilman Travis Lingenfelter

An open letter to my fellow Kingmanites:

Doug Angle, of Angle Homes, Inc., has run an open letter stating I have attacked him personally. I have not attacked Doug personally, and if he took it that way, I’m sorry.

I do, however, unquestionably contest Doug’s ideas and some of his methods regarding Prop 413. And, I take issue with the animosity, the misinformation, and the virulent content on the “Kingman Citizens for Responsible Taxation” social media page.

Kingman needs reasoned debate based upon neutral City data and facts in order to make public policy decisions. On Aug. 21, Angle’s company did attack the Kingman and Mohave Manufacturing Association (KAMMA) and me in a letter sent to all of their prior home customers.

Angle again took jabs with an Oct. 7 piece in the Kingman Daily Miner. On Oct. 14, I responded and offered links to objective City educational materials, YouTube videos, objective data and facts, and a standing offer to a coherent debate for the citizens, and I received no response.

I am glad to hear of Angle’s support for Kingman Home Rule (Prop 412), and I do appreciate Doug’s contributions to the community. I hope he can appreciate the contributions to Kingman that the Lingenfelter family has made over several decades as well – we haven’t felt it was necessary to advertise it.

Secondly, at both interchanges, development agreements with surrounding landowners will be used. The City of Kingman has approximately 100 acres remaining in Phase One of the Industrial Park, which employs over 2,000 people. Without the second egress/ingress into the park to start opening up Phase Two (which is another 1,200-plus acres), when that 100 acres sells then Kingman will essentially be out of the industrial economic development business. For this critical reason and many more, including the serious safety issue of having only one entry/exit to access the Industrial Park, KAMMA as Kingman’s industry voice, has been urgently beseeching the community to listen to what Kingman industry needs in order to expand and attract new, good paying companies.

The City worked hard to remove the Kingman Airport Authority and position the City of Kingman Airport and Industrial Park for robust growth. The only thing that can prevent that growth from happening now is US!

I would also ask Angle to stop sending a message out into the world that discourages direct investment into Kingman’s economy. Investment into Kingman’s economy is a great thing and should be encouraged. The Vestar folks don’t live here either, and Doug seems fine with their proposed investment into Kingman Crossing.

Finally, 11 years ago the City of Kingman tried what Angle recommends in his open letter, and six separate ballot measures proposing $56.7 million in public parks, public safety, and transportation infrastructure capital improvement projects were placed on the ballot, but were all defeated. That occurred after months of misinformation and mean-spirited slamming of the City and with a completely different group of seven City Council members.

We have all seen what the past 11 years of Kingman stagnation has looked like. It has hurt us. It doesn’t matter what you call it – RAID, RAID 2.0, KCRT – it will have the same damaging impact and even worse to Kingman.

For some, no matter what you do, it will never be good enough. Negativity will never help make Kingman greater or level up. Today, the City has been reinvesting just ONE dedicated percent into pothole-free streets, and public parks, public safety, and transportation infrastructure to actually DO something and not just talk about it. It has already produced tangible and usable improvements to make Kingman better.

Let’s keep Kingman moving forward this time. Voting “yes” on Prop 412 and “no” on Prop 413 means we’ll keep Kingman moving forward.


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