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Rants & Raves | Nov. 5, 2018

Republican women are just fine, thank you: I’m an independent and the only Republican I would vote for in Arizona is Rep. Regina Cobb.

Oct. 28 column by Blair Bess, “Trump Betrayed”: Isn’t being “slow to anger” considered a virtue? It is in the Bible. For impulsive-hotheaded Trump to await facts before criticizing the Saudis for an assassination, it must have been akin to him wearing a halo. Don’t criticize him for it.

Pittsburgh Synagogue attack: We can change the tone of rhetoric that incites violence. Demand that those running for office condemn and oppose hate groups and hate speech. Demand they not use scapegoating, hate, and fear as political tactics. Reject the discourse of hatred.

Trump cutting off aid to Central American countries: $131 million dollars in foreign aid slated for Guatemala. Instead of giving that money to a dictator to spend, how about sending in contractors to build residence-style hotels in their native country, to deport the invaders back to?

Police PTSD: It is difficult to feel sorry for the officers with PTSD. Every day we read where they have used excessive force, and it is based on their fear of personal harm. It is the citizens who are living with fear.

Immigrant caravan: So they come here and contribute to our poverty, unemployment and violence while weakening our economy. Anybody see anything wrong with this picture?

Chicago man accused of threatening Flake: Once again, a Trump supporter resorts to threats of violence against a U.S. Senator of his own party. Wake up, America! This is a chapter from “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” Say no to hate mongers.

GOP chair says bombs meant to distract voters: The GOP should know, as their candidates are the ones using fear and hate tactics to gain votes and maintain power. That’s because they have nothing real to offer working class Americans. So they manipulate with fear. Vote them out.

Prop 413: Doug Angle claims of personal attacks. Being one of the leaders, I wonder if he pays attention to KCFRT posts. They attack, slander, misinform, and use false narratives. This group is not good for Kingman. Vote “no” on 413.

Sign placement: How cruel. City tells Doug Dickmeyer, “Your campaign signs in public right-of-ways must come down.” Next day, after how-much-work complying? City Attorney says, “Oops! We researched it. Signs are OK.” Couldn’t they have warned him of probable non-compliance first? Insane.

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