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Thu, April 25

Letter | Deport illegal immigrant caravans to their own Trump-style condos

Here is a humanitarian solution of what to do when deporting the homeless poor back to their own country. If possible, give them something to come home to, something they would have a hard time getting here as immigrants, illegal or otherwise – ownership of their own mini Trump-style condo.

Look, if we’re still dumping foreign aid money into these Central American countries ($131 million slated for Guatemala), how many Trump-built “hotels” would that money buy?

Don’t just “send money” for some corrupt government to steal; send contractors and construction crews. If, in their country, the ownership of private property with registered deeds is not a given, then even this plan would have a hard time seeing the light of day. A lot of preliminary paperwork infrastructure would have to be set up.

Deport these immigrants seeking asylum back to their own condos in their own countries, paid for free and clear for the life of the owner and their descendants. People have to have a place to live before they can get meaningful work and be productive.

This, I believe, where it can be implemented, is the most humanitarian thing that can be done with these thousands of would-be entrants into the United States. We can’t handle them all. After over a 1,000-mile trek to get to our southern border, perhaps these people deserve something, some hope for their efforts.

Even if a few American military guards and/or UN monitors have to accompany the deportees (as a group to one of Trump’s south-of-the-border condos), to assure continued ownership-occupancy with the correct deported tenants, wouldn’t this be better than losing them in this country as we have been doing for so long?

Put some of that endless do-gooder “foreign aid” to good use, while doing the humanitarian thing. Eventually, Honduran and other citizens will begin owning their own private dwelling space, without enduring a 1,000-mile trek to our border.

Norman Swartz

Local resident


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